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How To Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely – Steps For 2/4 Doors Tips & Guide

How to remove the jeep soft top completely? One way to have adventure and fun on the road is to own a Jeep that has a soft top.

The wind gushing in your face as you drive down an open road is an exhilarating feeling like no other.

During summer, you can enjoy the surroundings by removing the soft top of the Jeep as an additional perk. Do you want to understand how to remove the Jeep soft top completely? Read on.


What is a Jeep Soft Top?

A Jeep soft top is a removable cover that houses the driver and passenger over their heads to shield them from the weather. The soft top comes on both the two-door and four-door versions of Jeep.


Top Brands of Jeep soft Top in the Market

There are many brands of Jeep soft tops in the market with varying degrees of quality. It is essential to understand the top brands that offer you value for money for your Jeep. They are listed below.

  • Pavement Ends that fit effortlessly on the frame of your Jeep
  • Bestop Supertop that is durable and enhanced the looks of your Jeep
  • Smittybilt- Black Diamond model made of sturdy marine-grade material
  • Bestop Trektop that adds style to your vehicle
  • Pavement Ends- Black Diamond model that is affordable and fade-resistant
  • Sierra off-road soft top for Jeeps manufactured between 2003 to 2006


Cost of Jeep Soft Tops

The price of Jeep soft tops will range from one brand to the next. The difference in pricing is primarily due to the quality of the material used to make the soft top.

The durable material soft top will cost more and vice versa. On average, an excellent soft top will cost about $ 300, with the four-door type going for more.


Required tools for the removal of Jeep soft top completely

Removing a Jeep soft top is not a complicated process if you understand what you are doing. You do not need any special tools for the job.

You may just need an additional hand to get the job correctly done. As this article will discuss, you will be able to remove the soft top of your Jeep with your hands.


The Procedure To Remove The Jeep Soft Top For Two Doors Jeep

How to remove a Jeep soft top completely from a 2-door Jeep is easy as compared to a 4-door Jeep. The 2-door has a shorter chassis and a smaller soft top. Follow the below procedure to remove its soft top.

Step 1: Releasing header latches

You start by unclipping the sun visors of your Jeep from the inside. With the sun visors aside, you can release the header latches by lifting them from loops attached to the frame of the windshield.

Step 2: Removing quarter windows

Remove quarter windows of your Jeep by unzipping them from the outside. Keep the windows in an upright position so that they don’t get creases or scratches.

Step 3: Removing the back window

It is time to remove the back window of your Jeep. Locate the zipper on the right-hand side and unzip it towards the left-hand side. Keep the rear window safe as well.

Step 4: Rear sail flaps removal

Releasing the sail flaps on the rear is the next step. Pull them down from the corners at the back. After releasing them, fold them nicely by rolling them back to the soft top.

Step 5: Removing the soft top

On each side of the front seats, there are latch pedals located above door jams. Find the latch pedals and press them down to facilitate releasing of the side bows. You can now remove the soft top from your 2-door Jeep.


The Procedure for Removing Jeep Soft Top For Four Doors

How to remove the Jeep soft top completely on a 4-door has additional steps in comparison to the 2-door. The following is the procedure for removing the soft top of a 4-door Jeep safely.


Step 1: Remove the rear window of your Jeep

You need to start by gaining access to header latches. To gain access to the header latches, you must move the sun visors by unclipping them.

Once you locate the header latches, release them. Take care not to unhook the fasteners from the frame of the windscreen at this stage.

The opening of the Jeep swing gate is the next step. Pull the sail panels on both sides by three inches from the body of the vehicle. The action is essential as it helps to pull the 4-bow.

You can now remove the retainers of the rear window from the bar brackets of the swing gate. Once you are through, go to the passenger side and start unzipping the window.

The action will give you free access to the bar of the swing gate. To remove it, you need to rotate it upwards and pull it back away from the brackets. Store the bar safely to avoid soiling or scratching it.


Step 2: Remove the quarter window of your Jeep

Removing the quarter window should be easy to do. Start by first releasing the Velcro flaps located at the top and rear.

The action gives you access to the zipper at the bottom corner. Proceed and unzip its window.

Once you unzip the window, you should be able to see the door rail and body side retainer. Release both retainers by pulling them gently.

You can now remove the quarter window of your Jeep and repeat the same procedure for the opposite side. Store the window safely where it will not get scratched or broken.


Step 3: Lowering the soft top of your Jeep

You do not need special tools for this; your bare hands should do. Untuck the panel retainers of the bottom rear sail by pulling down the material covering the 4-bow. Unhook header latches from the frame of the windshield.

After that, hold the 2-bow and the header firmly and pull the top towards the back of the vehicle with a slight lift.

This part will be more accessible if you get an extra hand to help.

The top material should be folded in an accordion pattern, which leaves the plastic retainers with a W shape. You can then put the header on the deck at the rear of the Jeep.

It is essential to open the swing gate at the rear before you lower the top to avoid inflicting any damage to the brake lamp that is mounted centrally.

Press the latch pedal downwards to help you release the bows located on the sides. Proceed and disengage the top by pushing it back.

Hold the area of the two and side bows and start sliding the top towards the rear of the car.

Remove the side bows from the frame of the door by sliding them easily. The top part is now free to be lowered into the rear of the Jeep.

All the materials should be kept inside the vehicle for ease of location when you want to put the soft top back.

Additionally, the straps of the soft top should be tucked in to avoid handing outside the Jeep.


Step 4: Take away the soft top from the Jeep

To remove it, unfasten the straps hooked at the rear of the Jeep and bring the soft top to the back of the vehicle.

The soft top is now removed from your Jeep, leaving you with an open roof over your head.

Store it in a dry place to avoid destruction from extreme weather conditions.


Precautions Before Removal

You need to be cautious of several issues before you begin removing the soft top from your Jeep. The precautions will ensure that the soft top is removed safely without injuring yourself or damaging your Jeep.

First, you can remove the spare tire mounted at the rear door. The action will facilitate the easy opening of the door when you want to pull the soft top down.

You can also go through the user manual that comes with guides on how to locate the safety latches and other vital components.

Ensure that the weather is perfect if you are working in an open space. It is proper to remove it on a sunny than on a rainy day.


Maintenance tips of Jeep wrangler soft top

Owning a Jeep soft top comes with its share of maintenance tips to keep the top durable and in good shape. If you love your Jeep, you will ensure that the soft top is clean and undergoes regular maintenance.

Adverse weather conditions, bird droppings, and sap from trees should worry you the most. You can follow the below tips to maintain your soft top.


01. Apply protectants for the soft top

Even though the soft top looks like it is made of canvas, the material is PVC. The material is treated with chemicals that make it repellant to water.

To maintain it in top shape, you need to apply protectants to the soft top regularly. The protectants will prevent it from leaking and give it an appealing look.

It should be applied to the fabric, the zippers, and the windows every thirty to ninety days.


02. Garaging your Jeep

Garaging your Jeep minimizes exposure to harsh weather and other elements that may be harmful to your soft top.

Garaging the Jeep should be accompanied by maintenance procedures of the soft top. When parking outside your home or workplace, you can always request garage parking.


03. Cleaning the soft top

The trick here is to get the ideal cleaner for your soft top. Go for trusted brands and be sure to read and follow the cleaning instructions for desired results. The soft top should be cleaned when exposed to dirt.


Benefits of Having a Jeep Soft Top

Owning a Jeep soft top comes with a range of benefits. They include the following.


01. Cost savings

A Jeep soft top is cheaper when compared to a hardtop. You can use the extra cash for other projects.


02. Interior Protection

A good Jeep soft top will protect the interior of your vehicle from harsh weather elements. Keeping the sun’s UV rays and raindrops away from your Jeep will ensure it serves you longer.


03. Style to your vehicle

An excellent soft top will make your Jeep stand out from the rest of the car crowd. Besides, the soft tops come in different shades and sizes to suit your needs.


04. Deterring thieves

With the right soft top, it will be difficult for thieves to break into your Jeep. When the zippers are locked, it is not easy to unzip the windows.

A thief who does not know how to operate the soft top becomes apparent that he is trying to break into a vehicle.


Common problems of using a Jeep soft top

It is not all rosy when you have a Jeep soft top. Some common problems will plague you, and they include the following.


01. Premature wear

Jeep owners have cited the excessive wear on crossbar areas with only a few months of using the soft top.


02. Drooping of the rear window

The rear window bulges easily, which makes the soft top look out of shape.


03. Side windows drooping

There is a droop at the side windows at the top. No matter how much you tighten the soft top, the droop will not go away.


04. Installation challenges

Some soft tops are not easy to install on your Jeep and removing them may require professional assistance.



Can you interchange Jeep tops?

Yes, you can interchange Jeep tops since they are versatile.


Are the soft tops waterproof?

Most of the soft tops are designed to be waterproof. Some are not, and you should, therefore, be careful when purchasing one.


What tools do I need to remove my soft top?

You don’t need any tools. A pair of hands will do if you know the removal procedure.


Can I remove my soft top on my own?

Yes, you can remove a Jeep soft top without help.


How often should I apply a protector on my soft top?

Ideally, this should be done after every thirty to ninety days.


Can I customize the soft top of my Jeep?

Yes, the soft tops come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.


How long do soft tops last?

It all depends on how long you drive your vehicle, where you park it, and the maintenance procedures you follow. A good one should last you between three to five years.



A Jeep soft top is an ideal way of enjoying your drive while having the opportunity to sunbathe during summer.

Its versatility allows you to enjoy the vehicle more.

It is a must-have if you can afford and maintain it.

It is essential to adhere to the recommended maintenance procedures to keep your soft top in good shape. If you love your Jeep soft top, treat it right.

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