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Top 10 Best Brake Pads for Towing: Buying Guide [2022]

The best brake pads for towing vehicles are not as hard to find as you might think. If your brake pads have signs of damage, you should replace them the soonest you can.

First, the truck may be taking longer to come to a halt. As well, you may have noted that the vehicle is pulling to one side.

It is also possible that your brake pedal has started to vibrate when you step on it. When brake pads have completed their life, they can squeak, growl, grind, rattle or click.

Have you noticed such sounds? If your current brake pads have the wear indicator, examine it first. In case your brake pads do not have a damage indicator, you have to measure their thickness.

If they are below ¼ inch, it is about time you replace them. We have created a detailed guide to help you select the best brake pads for trucks.

This guide has 10 product reviews that we consider to be the best choices. In addition, we have written a thorough buying guide to simplify your search. Without wasting time, here are the 10 product reviews.


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10 Best Brake Pads for Towing – Review Guide in 2022

There are both good products and the best products in the online and physical market.  We have analyzed them and came here with the best brake pads that are our previous buyers’ favorite brake pads. Let’s go inside our product compilation.

01. Bosch BC905


Product Features

  • Low dust braking
  • Premium construction materials
  • Quiet braking
  • Rubber-core shim
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Hardware kit
  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Slots and chamfers
  • Rear brake pads

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model Number: BC905
  • Weight:1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.1 x 3.4 inches

Product Description

These are the best brake pads for tow vehicles on this list. First, these are rear brake pads for different auto models.

All you need to do is to ascertain that the brake pads can fit your vehicle. Bosch is a renowned manufacturer with perfect engineering technology and techniques.

For that reason alone, its brake pads can last longer and deliver exceptional braking power every time.

In addition to being powerful, these brake pads can also offer noiseless operation. Quiet braking action is due to the rubber core shim with many layers.

Not only does the shim provide maximum strength, but it also shields against the annoying screech. As well, Bosch BC905 can ensure low dust braking.

There is a protective transfer layer that can extend the life of the brake pad and rotor. Additionally, the product has slots and chamfers that ensure better quality, fit, and function.

To ease installation, Bosch BC905 comes with a hardware kit with everything that you require. With basic mechanic’s skills, you can install the brake pads without spending more money.

Furthermore, Bosch has used advanced aerospace alloy in patented copper-free ceramic. It has used the same material in a semi-metallic friction formula. This friction formula complies with 2025 copper-free legislation.

“There is one thing to note. These are vehicle-specific brake pads. For that reason, they cannot suit any vehicle. While it can suit most Nissan models, other truck models may not use these. Hence, you should ensure that they are a good choice for your model.”

Also, the backing plate consists of a powder coat that can prevent corrosion. It can also prolong the life of the brake pad. Lastly, you will get a synthetic lubricant to ensure that you complete your job like a pro.


  • These brake pads can ensure silent braking
  • Bosch brake pads feature sturdy construction materials and are durable
  • Due to the powder coat, these brake pads cannot rust easily.


  • Bosch BC905 is for specific auto models only.


Bosch BC905 is our leading product for good reasons. Besides being pocket-friendly, these are the best brake pad type for hauling because they feature an excellent construction approach and materials. We can advise you to buy them for the best auto model.

02. Power Stop K6268-36


Product features 

  • Carbon fiber ceramic construction
  • 30% less dust
  • Drilled and slotted rotors
  • Iron rotor
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Ceramic brake lubricant
  • Ford F-150 2018-2012
  • Stainless steel shims

Product Specification

  • Brand: Power Stop
  • Model Number: K6268-36 Z36
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches

Product Description

The Power Stop K6268-36 set is our other top-performance brake pads. There are four drilled and slotted brake rotors in the kit.

The kit also consists of the Z36 carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads, a brake lubricant, and stainless steel hardware. Due to zinc plating, Power Stop brake rotors can offer total protection against rust.

Also, they can last longer and give you value for your money. Towing trucks generally carry heavy loads.

As a result, Power Stop has ensured that the brake rotor, brake pad, and hardware can work in unison to enhance the braking process.

Regarding installation, the Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 is an easy bolt-on vehicle component. It is the easiest brake upgrade you can do.

Note that the stainless steel hardware is there to ease the installation work. Further, the double-layer rubberized shims can withstand high temperatures and cut-off noise when braking.

Hence, these shims support silent braking. As for the carbon-fiber ceramic materials, their best trait is strength.

Thus, they can increase the power of an ordinary ceramic brake pound compound and ensure that it can tackle weightier loads.

And when driving on dusty roads, these brake rotors and pads will ensure low dust braking. Power Stop has already validated this fact via on-vehicle third-party tests in Los Angeles.

The result showed that these brake pads produce 30 percent less dust when compared to their OE counterparts.

Since the rotors are drilled and slotted, they can ensure optimum cooling. Moreover, iron rotors are sturdy and durable.

“Although the kit is quite comprehensive, it does not contain brake calipers. As a consequence, you will need to purchase them yourself. We dislike this part.”

Finally, these are great brake pads F150, 2012-2018.


  • You will receive stainless steel hardware
  • Expect to do an easy bolt-on installation
  • Zinc-plating can prevent rusting.


  • Without the calipers, the kit is incomplete.


Even if we don’t like the fact that there is an extra item to buy, we love these brake pads. Hence, we recommend that you buy them for your F-150 today.

03. Bosch BSD964


Product Features

  • Semi-metallic brake pads
  • Quiet braking
  • Long-lasting pads
  • Multi-layer shims
  • OE-design chamfers and slots
  • USA brake pads
  • Well-engineered and tested
  • Synthetic lube

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model Number: BSD964
  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.4 x 3.3 inches.

Product Description

The Bosch BSD964 might be a good product for you. The pad’s popularity comes from the fact that they belong to Bosch.

When you order the product, the pads will arrive in a box, wrapped in a paper package for extra security.

Also, they are heavy-duty brake pads that can offer an optimal braking experience. Moreover, they can perform their job without being noisy because they have an OE-design multi-layer shim.

These Bosch BSD964 brake pads have OE slots and chamfers for proper fit. Due to this, they are easy to fit and replicate the OE style.

Furthermore, Bosch makes and tests its brake pads in the USA. As a consequence, customers can be sure that the brake pads have excellent quality.

“You can purchase them without the fear that you are getting a low-quality product. Unfortunately, these are only for heavy-duty trucks.”

Additionally, you will receive a hardware kit that will help you carry out the installation task successfully. As well, these brake pads come with a lubricant that will ensure that your new brake pads are functioning well.

As a result of having a friction formulation for the OE-style, the Bosch BSD964 is dependable.


  • These are heavy-duty brake pads
  • They can last longer because of the aerospace alloy
  • These pads come with hardware for installation.


  • You can only choose these for heavy-duty trucks.


Bosch BSD964 brake pads provide silent operation and can last longer despite harsh driving conditions.

Therefore, these Bosch pads are the best for a towing auto or a vehicle that carries heavy loads.

Even if the terrains you drive on tend to stress the braking system a lot, these brake pads will be the right choice for you.

04. Power Stop K3167


Product Features 

  • Carbon-fiber ceramic pads
  • Low dust functioning
  • Drilled and slotted rotors
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Ceramic brake lubricant
  • Ford Expedition, F-150, Lincoln Navigator

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Power Stop
  • Model number K3167-36
  • Weight: 56.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14 x 14 x 12 inches

 Product Description

Are you asking yourself what brake pads are best for towing? Power Stop brake pads are some of the best USA products to buy.

Firstly, you can be sure of getting the best local quality brake pads. Secondly, you can obtain brake pads that offer low dust braking experiences.

Power Stop already did thorough third-party on-vehicle tests in Los Angles. On average, the tests showed that Power Stop K3167-3 pads produce 30% less dust than OE-style pads.

In addition, they come with drilled and slotted high-performance rotors that ensure maximum cooling and easier fitting.

Thus, even if you drive in hot weather conditions, these pads will provide optimum cooling. Concerning installation, the company offers stainless steel hardware.

You can be sure of doing a thorough installation job. The installation task itself is idiot-proof as you should only follow easy instructions.

To make sure that the brake pads perform well, you can use a ceramic brake lubricant. Carbon-fiber ceramic material brake pads have a good reputation.

Not only are they strong, but also long-lasting. To ensure that these brake pads will fit, choose them for your Ford 150, Ford Expedition, or Lincoln Navigator.

F-150 and F-Expedition models made from 2010 to 2018 can use these pads. Additionally, Lincoln models that emerged between 2010 and 2019 can use this set of pads.

“We did not like the fact that such a good-quality brake pad set can wear down so quickly. One cannot be sure whether some people got used or fake brake pads. As a result, we advise you to pay attention when buying”

These are superior, zinc-coated Z36 ceramic formula pads. Hence, they will neither fade nor rust, and that means they will be long-lasting.


  • High-quality carbon-ceramic brake pads
  • Produce low dust when braking
  • Can offer silent braking
  • Easy bolt-on operation.


  • They wear down faster than expected.


These are high-quality brake pads by Power Stop. If you want the best pads for towing Lincoln Navigator, Ford 150, and other trucks, chooses these.

The only thing we dislike is that their benefits will not last because these pads age quickly.

05. Wagner SX756


Product features

  • Tough and durable
  • A semi-metallic carbon friction material
  • Optimal braking
  • OE-type shims
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • No copper formulation

Product specification

  • Brand: Wagner
  • Model number: SX756
  • Weight:6.18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches

Product Description

Are you looking for F350 brake pads? Without a doubt, you will be satisfied once you buy the Wagner SX756 Severe Duty brake pads.

First of all, they have what it takes to handle demanding driving conditions. So they can be best for someone who actively carries loads on their truck bed.

These brake pads are tough and will also suit someone with a fleet of autos ever on the road.

Due to their construction with semi-metallic friction material with a carbon element, they are durable brake pads.

Even if you drive in bad conditions, these pads will provide excellent braking power. Wagner has already done meticulous OE-style on-auto testing to validate the usefulness of these brake pads.

“They will still provide unparalleled braking power even if the auto is hot, stopping often, or carrying heavy loads.”

The shims have an OE design for increased silent braking. The slots and chamfers will ensure adequate cooling and dustless braking.

For installation to be an effortless job, the manufacturer has also included hardware kits. Moreover, these are stainless steel kits with premium quality for serious applications.

Most buyers were able to carry out the installation work at home. Lastly, this brake pad product features a Wagner 0E25 zero copper friction formulation.


  • Zero copper formulation
  • These brake pads can tolerate difficult driving conditions
  • Wagner brake pads are easy to install
  • These are the most durable brake pads for trucks


  • These brake pads are not ideal for less experienced drivers.


These brake pads from Wagner are the best choices if you tow, carry heavy loads, or drive your truck for hours.

As well, Wagner recommends them for police-pursuit autos and municipal vehicles. These brake pads will work well even in hot environments.

06. Power Stop K5874-36


Product Features 

  • Carbon-fiber ceramic materials
  • Low dust braking
  • Silent braking
  • Drilled and slotted rotors
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High-temperature lubricant
  • Durable

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Power Stop
  • Model Number: K5874-36 
  • Weight:78.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14X14X12 inches

Product Description 

If you want the Toyota or Lexus brake pads, then you have come to the right place. The Power Stop K5874-36 is an excellent product that boasts modern technology.

Similar to other brake system components by Power Stop, the K5874-36 brake kit is inventive and reliable. It consists of brake rotors, hardware, calipers, a brake lubricant, and brake pads.

For that reason, one kit has most of the things you need to complete an installation project at home. According to prior buyers as well as us, these brake pads are the easiest to install.

Due to their innovative build and construction materials, these brake pads will last longer. As long as you buy them for the right auto, they will fit well and last longer.

After a successful installation, you can expect noiseless and dustless braking experiences.

And when it comes to cleaning the brake pad, its design allows easy access to dusty areas. Even if these pads require cleaning, they don’t attract dust when you touch the pedal.

The reason for this is due to their drilled and slotted appearance. So it will be a long while before you need to clean them.

“Although these are front and rear brake pads with a quality guarantee, you will need to spend a little more money buying necessary parts for installation.”

Because these Power Stop brake pads have a zinc coating, they cannot rust so soon. As a consequence, these pads are among the longest-lasting parts out there.


  • These are durable brake pads
  • Power Stop brake pads are easy to install
  • These are for use in different trucks.
  • You can expect silent braking.


  • There will be items to buy separately


This set has some of the top-performance F-150 pads from Power Stop. If you are okay buying the brake pads and other things separately, then go ahead.

They will not disappoint you as they can perform great even if you drive through hilly areas.

07. Motorcraft BRSD-756


Product Features

  • Steel insulated shims
  • Hardware included
  • Easy Installation
  • Ceramic brake pads
  • Fit: Vehicle-specific

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Motorcraft
  • Model Number:BRSD-756
  • Weight:2 pounds
  • Dimensions:‎8.6 x 5.6 x 2.5 inches

Product Description

The Motorcraft BRSD-756 is yet another of the best brake pads. However, these brake pads are vehicle-specific.

Make sure you first check with the manufacturer if these are the best brake pads to choose.

As a result of having quality craftsmanship with premium materials, these pads will last longer. Moreover, they meet all the standards of federal auto safety.

The correct position for these brake pads is the front of the auto. Once you slot them correctly, they will offer stability and adequate power for towing your heavy truck.

The Motorcraft BRSD-756 product is the easiest to fit. Since the manufacturer provides a hardware kit with the items you require for easy installation, the task will be simple.

“The calipers will be in the kit, but it is not clear if Caliper Pin Boots come with everyone’s kit. Some got it, and others did not.”

Also, you will get insulated shims with multiple layers. For that reason, the shims will reduce noise when braking.

If you are tired of vibrating brakes when towing, choose Motorcraft brake pads to end that problem.

When it comes to the slots, they are unique because they cannot bed when exposed to high heat. Hence, when you buy this set of brake pads you should get value for your money.


  • These brake pads work in hot driving conditions
  • These semi-metallic ceramic pads will last longer
  • You will receive a hardware kit for fast installation.


  • Some people complained about squeaking.


These may be the right brake pads for your model. Find out from Motorcraft first. However, you should double-check the items that will be your kit as well as if they will fit your truck.    

08. Hawk HB302Y.700


Product Features 

  • Fade-proof
  • High-quality pad and rotor
  • High braking power
  • Surpass OE-style performance
  • Light Truck, SUV

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Hawk
  • Model Number: HB302Y.700
  • Weight:6.2pounds
  • Dimensions: 4 x 9 x 9 inches

Product Description

The best way to stop your SUV or truck is via Hawk HB302Y.700 brake pads. And concerning trucks, ensure that yours is a full-sized light truck or van.

Even if the item is not for heavier trucks, it still boasts the Hawk’s severe-duty brake pad friction technology.

For that reason, these brake pads can still meet the braking demands of your new light truck and SUV (LTS).

As a result of using Hawk’s Ferro-Carbon formulation, these brake pads have great braking power. They also have brilliant heat dissipation qualities.

Due to their ability to dissipate heat, they are the best for use in hot climates. They will certainly perform better than the OE-style brake pads.

Furthermore, they cannot fade and so will look nice for a long time. As for the installation procedure, you will love it as it is easy and quick.

“If you are searching for a set of brake pads and rotors for the front and rear use, avoid the Hawk HB302Y.700 product.”

After a successful installation task, the brake pads will control noise as you drive the truck.

Noiseless braking is due to the high-quality shim as it can reduce vibrations as you know. Further, these brake pads feature Ferro-carbon rather than copper.

Thus, they are eco-friendly and durable. If you need high efficiency, these are the best brake pads for Ford Excursion diesel, F350, F250, and many others. Even if you drive when it’s too hot, Hawk HB302Y.700 pads will tolerate the heat.


  • Fits many trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Easy to install brake pads
  • These brake pads can endure hot temperatures
  • Come from Hawk, a USA company.


  • Designed for front wheels only.


These are high-quality, USA brake pads for 2 front wheels. They are the top hawk heavy-duty brake. If you are searching for the rear ones, you might have to buy them separately.

These high-performance brake pads will be long-lasting and powerful for towing LTS.

09. EBC Brakes DP31210C


Product Features

  • Ceramic pad
  • Coated
  • Strong rotors
  • Heatproof

Product Specifications

  • Brand: EBC Brakes
  • Model: DP31210C
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Dimension: 5.7 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches

Product Description

There can be a scarcity of outstanding brands when it comes to brake pads. There are only a few. When discussing the ones that are better than the rest, EBC will be mentioned as some of the best.

If not, actually the best they will be close. An additional benefit for this brand is that they are ceramic. Furthermore, a wide range of vehicles can be fitted with them.

Understanding friction technology is not difficult. It provides better stability when towing than other methods. Its main highlight is that even when subjected to pressure, it will not compress.

Using Kevlar has brought the product to another level. As it is compactly put together, it is going to be useful to have this instead of the metal that has been used so far.

It can do exactly what metal does and more. Low dust is not a feature of the pads however and that is one thing that can be said against them.

Testers are impressed with was the stopping power that they achieved. Having gone through tests, they have come out of them with glowing colors.

One of the main features that testers were impressed with was the stopping power that they achieved.

As a result of these tests, they have become known as the company to trust when you want to buy brake pads.

Some do not always cool down as quickly as would be hoped. When it comes to the Kevlar used in the EBC brake pads, they will cool quickly.

This will happen even when they are under a lot of pressure. The rotors also chip in when it comes to cooling due to their perforations. As grooves have been included, rotors are lasting longer.


  • Installation is easy
  • A variety of tucks can use them
  • Design is up to date
  • Pads are durable
  • Stopping power is strong


  • The pads are not dust free – not even low dust


There is a lot to say for this pad and it will be a good one to buy. The only thing you will probably endure is dust, as these are low-dust or dust-free brake pads.

10. ACDelco 14D785CH


Product Features

  • Shim design is efficient and simple
  • Components are organic
  • Pads are ceramic

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: 14D785CH
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.8 x 2.8 inches

Product Description

The final pads presented here are from ACDelco. These are 100% ceramic and as a result, are excellent when stopping.

Constituents are constructed from organic articles and semi-metallic items. This means that is also extremely durable.

The pads will be efficient and are exceptional when it comes to hauling. The driver can fit the pads and have improved energy and efficiency right away.

With the ability to work on a wide variety of vehicles, they are going to be suitable for many purchasers.

Installation is not a problem as it can be carried out at home. There is no machinery required so the cost can be kept down a little more.

Even if a complete novice is trying to install them, a little help from a mechanic should not break the bank.

“If noise is an issue, the good news is that the shims can reduce it while the vehicle is in motion. Indeed, the design of the chamfers and slot will keep vibrations to a minimum.”

The work put into the selection and fitting of the pads will ensure a great ride. If you need brake pads, these are the ones to go for to enjoy your driving experience.

However, there is just one thing that may cause an issue for some users. They tend to be less flexible than other makes.

For some people, that is going to cause a problem. With so many good points, you could easily overlook something. Then it could turn out to be the right one for you.


  • Brake pads are exceptionally durable.
  • No machinery needed to install them
  • Vehicle owners can install them
  • Suitable for a wide range of trucks


  • There is not a great deal of flexibility.


Purchase this as one as long as flexibility is not the main concern. You will enjoy the fact that this item is easy to install and works properly.


Buying Guide

The information below should allow you to buy the brake pads that are best for your car and ensure that the ride is as comfortable as possible.

There could be better pads on the market, but you want the best brake pads for towing your truck.

If you are a driver, then consider the information below. You should not just rush into a decision.

Getting the right product is more important than making an early purchase. Also, take the time to read through the details and then decide which brake pads can be the best.

Do not focus only on the cheapest, quickest to fit, or most easy-to-find brake pads.

A little money saved this time may end up being a false economy later on. To begin, the following are the things you need to consider.

Stopping Power

The term describes the amount of power required to bring the car to a stop when towing is the stopping power.

Consider the speed that the vehicle is moving at along with the weight of the load. If there is an issue in either area, it can be hard to stop the truck.

Without a doubt, this can be dangerous. A terrible accident is even possible. Safety should be paramount when considering ceramic brake pads for towing.

A definition of an effective brake will ensure the vehicle stops in time. This is more and more vital, the faster the vehicle is traveling, and the effort that is available to tow the item.

The coefficient of friction is the energy required to pull the item against the object’s weight. The brake pads that will do the job best of all will be the ones that achieve a good coefficient of friction.

Problems arise when the level of that is low. The stress arising from trying to tow something would be incredibly high.

Chamfers and Slots

There must be the fitting of something special if the driver requires the ride to be quiet. Many drivers want that to happen.

It may seem surprising, but the shape of the brake pad can help to keep the noise down. With regards to performance, benefits will occur when the driver selects the correct chamfers and slots.

High temperatures can make things difficult, but making the right choice can help improve performance. When looking for the best brake pads, you should remember that some vehicles need specific brake pads.

Brake Dust

Drivers who have purchased specific pads have found there was no noise at all. It is vital to carry out thorough research be to make sure the pads you opt for are silent.

There are some mentioned in the descriptions above, and that should be helpful. When more power is the aim when towing an item, it makes sense that there is a difference between ordinary and towing brake pads.

To get the brake pads for towing with any truck, the aim is to select pads that have a premium lining. This way you can avoid issues with brake dust.


Not all brake pads are going to be ideal for all vehicles and this is necessary to recall. Riveted pads will be more flexible, and this may be an issue for drivers considering bonded ones.

Bonding is one option while riveting is another. With some careful fitting, it will be possible to have the pads together and get the best of both worlds. This is well worth remembering when looking to buy the best material brake pads.

When it comes to riveted pads, there is aluminum or copper. Manufacturers use these to join the brake and the lining.

Other materials are now being used and this is the best thing to do. Lining and riveting will limit the amount of noise as the vibrations will be taken in by them.

It is still the case that this is the way that manufacturers create the majority of the pads. Bonding works differently.

Using a high temperature is the best way to attach the pad and friction item. The person carrying out the work should use an extraordinarily strong adhesive.

The lining will not wear out as quickly and avoids the rotor for a longer period. Riveted pads are more flexible, and this may be an issue for drivers considering bonded ones.

This however should not be the deciding factor. You could always ask for additional help. Speaking to someone in the motor trade is a prudent action to take on all occasions.


Realistically, cost should not be an issue when it comes to motoring as it could be a matter of safety. When considering cost, however, it does not mean that you should select the cheapest pads.

It is possible to do research and find out if any brands have been blamed for accidents or not lasting long.

This will weed out the ones that could be dangerous or of poor value. You can then remove these from the equation. They will understandably not be the best brake pads to buy.

It is at this point that the subject of cost can become necessary. All the pads that are left may be effective and safe to use.

There will still be a lot left to choose from and the prices will be wide-ranging. While there should be no scrimping when purchasing them, it is safe to say that the ones left will be fine.

This is a good way of determining the ideal brake pads for a two-vehicle.

Longevity of the supplier

Sales will go ahead year after year and previous customers will carry on purchasing a good product.

If a company has been making brake pads for a long time and are still trading, then they must be making items that people want.

A product that is not particularly good is not going to be around for long.

No one is going to stick with a product that breaks or does not improve their ride. A little research in advance can prevent a whole load of trouble later on.

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We have now come to the end of this detailed guide.

Have you found the right product for your auto on our list of ten? Do you know who makes the best brake pads for trucks you own?

Many people love the products we have reviewed above and you can as well. Again, you have learned the things you need to consider before purchasing the right brake pads.

Now it is upon you to decide which item you will buy for your auto. Consider that some of the best brake pads for heavy loads trucks are vehicle-specific.

So you should be sure that the one you select can fit your truck.

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