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10 Best JK Tire Carrier 2022- Most Popular Heavy Duty Carrier of Spare Tire

Looking for the best JK tire carrier for your vehicle? This guide will definitely help you get the right one.

It is a must to take along a spare tire when traveling off-road, and of course, you can’t possibly fit it into your trunk.

Off-road tires are so large, leaving you no option but to use a tire carrier at the back end of your Jeep.

But you can’t just buy any carrier you find out there. You need to get the best tire carrier that will fit your vehicle with ease.

What is the Best JK Tire Carrier?

Smittybilt tire carrier is simply the best carrier in the market currently, and most of our recommended products are from this brand.

Why Smittybilt is the Best Brand For JK Tire Carrier?

With over 50 years in the industry, developing a standard trademark. Smittybilt is equipped with off-road enthusiasts who create durable and quality accessories for Jeeps.

Smittybilt products are highly rated in the market, and they also hold the best warranty services among other top manufacturers.

Comparison Table

ViewBrand NameDetails
Smittybilt 2843
Rugged Ridge
Smittybilt 2743
Tyger Auto
Smittybilt 76856
Rugged Ridge
TeraFlex JK
Rugged Ridge

Top 10 Best JK Tire Carrier Reviews

Based on the demands of a wide range of consumers, we’ve constructed a list of the best carrier available in the market to ensure they get the appropriate tire carrier for their vehicles.

01. Smittybilt Oversized Tire Carrier 2843 – Best Quality JK Tire Carrier


Highlighted Features

  • Holds 37 inches maximum tire size
  • Protective EPDM gaskets
  • Chrome brackets stronger than steel
  • Monoblock aluminum construction
  • Strong mounting points for placing trail jack (sold differently)
  • Third brake light mount

There are limited brands in the automobile industry that can equal the high standard of Smittybilt Tire Oversized carrier, designed by enthusiasts in the off-road industry.

Smittybilt is a brand to trust, holding more than 52 years of experience.

This product is manufactured from mono-block aluminum, coupled with chrome mounting brackets and other parts from alloy steel to make the carrier durable and economical.

Smittybilt 2843 carrier is not only highly durable, but it also weighs lighter than most tire carriers in the market.

You should be able to use this to hold tires of up to 37 inches.

It also has a straightforward installation process, with no drilling needed, and it fits into JK Jeep Wrangler manufactured between 2007 to 2018. Smittybilt added a third brake light mount, which makes this tire carrier even better.

Although the price might be steep, this product is worth every bit of your penny.


  • Hinges feel very strong and do not lose at all.
  • Great tolerance.
  • Bolted up nicely.
  • The tailgate closes and opens with ease.


  • The instructions still need some work.
  • The hinge is stiff.

02. TeraFlex Complete Hinged Carrier – Best Lightweight Tire Carrier


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Spare Tire Mount
  • UV resistant coat finish
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • JK/JKU hinged carrier
  • Tailgate hinged mounting points
  • UV topcoat

The TeraFlex tire carrier has won the award for the preferred carrier for Chrysler vehicles.

Since designing the first-ever coil spring lift for TJ Jeep Wrangler, TeraFlex continues to have leading innovations to aid Jeep Wrangler’s performance.

Teraflex has raised the standard yet again with the invention of this hinged carrier and spare tire mounting kit, which is now very popular in the automobile industry.

This product has also stirred up other manufacturers to produce other quality hinged spare tire carriers.

Of course, this carrier is designed to hold tires of up to 37 inches without any stress, and it will protect your spare tire even under rugged terrain and extreme rails.

This spear tire carrier offers straightforward access to your rear cargo area with a simple action.

An outstanding quality about this product is that with the tailgate hinged mounting points, the spare tire’s load is distributed across a wide area, which increases its strength and durability.

The aluminum construction and tooling make this product light and very strong, fitting JK and JKU Jeep Wrangler.

Not to mention its incredibly strong steel brackets and pins manufactured from high-carbon steel to deliver the strongest carrier in the market.

This carrier also has more mounting points for off-road accessories like fluid containers or recovery jack.

This is a fantastic product that every JKU and JK Wrangler should get. In case you might be wondering, this carrier has reinforcements that support the tailgate assembly’s weight and spare tire, taking off all stress from your Jeep’s tailgate.


  • Machining is great. It also eliminates tailgate rattles and stress.
  • Strong and lightweight, an alternative to a bumper/carrier combo.
  • Straightforward one access point and a well-made product.
  • Solid replacement to OEM tire hinges and carrier.


  • The carrier is not theft-proof as anyone with wrenches can take off the tire.

03. Rugged Ridge Spartacus Tire Carrier – Sturdy Tire Carrier and Mount Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Strong aluminum hinge casting and steel wheel mount
  • Adjustable Third Brake Light
  • Factory mounting points
  • Fits all OE and aftermarket rear bumpers
  • Holds up to 37-inch wheel-tire combinations
  • One entry to the cargo area

On our list of best products, another unique tire carrier is the Spartacus heavy-duty tire carrier system produced by Rugged Ridge.

If you need a tire carrier system that provides great strength and stability for placing your Wrangler’s oversized tire and wheel, then you should go for this product immediately.

It is designed to properly manage extreme off-road driving conditions, designed with die-cast aluminum, making it very strong.

The wheel mount raises the mounting position, which introduces depth and tilts adjustability for a wider range of tire options.

It does not require drilling during installation, and it is compatible with all aftermarket and OE rear bumpers.

“However, you will be reusing a lot of hardware, so if your jeep is not black, the heads will stand out against the black, and it may bother you.”

This product is also designed with a third brake light bracket and carrier mounts, allowing you to easily attach your oversized wheel and spare tire.

You can always count on Rugged Ridge to give you quality Jeep parts.


  • Very easy to install.
  • A high-quality tire carrier system.
  • The instructions are straightforward with helpful illustrations.
  • So sturdy with no tailgate sag issues.


  • The studs’ tack weld is mostly reported to be awful.
  • Very heavy tool.

 04. Smittybilt Tire Carrier Mount 2743



Highlighted Features

  • Completely adjustable
  • Smooth exterior
  • High-grade material
  • Mount up to 195 lbs. or 35-inch tire

An economical way to mount your oversized spare tire onto your JK Jeep Wrangler is with the Smittybilt Tire Carrier Mount 2743.

This is amongst the most affordable and quality spare tire carriers you can find in the market.

It has a simple installation procedure, with no drilling required. Fully adjustable, and it is designed to hold tires of up to 35 inches.

This Smittybilt tire carrier, 2743, is designed with an adjustable arm that eliminates tailgate sag, and the tailgate opens and closes easily as a single unit.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money getting a simple tire carrier tool for your 2007 to 2010 JK Wrangler, you can opt-in for this quality product, which is equally durable as other expensive products on the list.


  • The tire rack itself is great; very sturdy.
  • The finishing is flawless.
  • Probably the cheapest and sturdiest tire in the market. Easy installation.
  • Top-notch tire carrier.


  • Gets the job, except it rattles.
  • Few complaints about the attachment lug.

05. Tyger Auto Oversized Tire Carrier Kit



Highlighted Features

  • Hold up to 37-inch spare tire
  • High steel structure
  • Dual-stage powder coating
  • Third brake light

This is a unique product from Tyger, especially for the price. It supports 37-inch tires with no rattling or hassle.

It is built with an outstanding textured look unlike most brands and blends with your Wrangler stylishly.

This product is basically for those looking for a standard quality low budget tire carrier for their spare oversized wheels.

If your basket mounts behind the stock tire carrier, this is also a great fit for you.

The strength of this tire comes from the high-grade steel used in production. A dual-stage powder coating is added to its surface to keep it rust-free.

You can use this product for all factory and aftermarket bumpers, and it comes with a third brake light to give you more space if needed.

No drilling is needed during installation, which adds to its advantage, along with a detailed instruction manual.

You should have no trouble installing Tyger Auto carrier on your Wrangler.


  • Pretty easy to install.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easily supports 37-inch tire with no rattling.
  • The instructions are straightforward, and it is well-illustrated.


  • Quite expensive.

06. ARIES Jeep Wrangler JK Adjustable Tire Carrier


Highlighted Features

  • Fully adjustable; horizontally and vertically
  • Adjustable brake light
  • No drill installation
  • Accepts 37-inch diameter spare tires
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Welded steel construction

Extreme off-road jeeps need extreme parts, which is what the ARES Jeep Wrangler JK Adjustable Tire Carrier is designed for.

This heavy-duty tire carrier is fully adjustable and undoubtedly strong, allowing you to mount oversize spares of up to 37 inches in your JK Jeep Wrangler.

This tire carrier can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The vertical adjustments give room for oversized tires, getting rid of bumper interference so you can mount your spare tires of up to 37 inches.

The horizontal adjustments force that tire mount away from your Wrangler, allowing clearance with your rear door.

The third brake light bracket is also a medium to adjust this spare tire carrier. The bracket can move freely when needed.

This enables you to maintain safety on and off the road by making the third brake light visible, irrespective of the spare tire’s size.

This product also comes with heavy-duty hinges that holds-off large off-road tires.

These heavy-duty hinges replace the existing door hinges in your JK Wrangler strengthening your door and tire carrier for extreme off-roading conditions.

For durability, this JK Jeep Wrangler is designed with high-grade steel, which is also responsible for its high strength. You are certainly not going to have any regrets going for this product.


  • The carrier is easy to install.
  • Well-made and does the job.
  • Heavy-duty construction. No rattling on the trail.
  • It’s the most convenient for the price that it sells for.


  • It could use black bolts and washers to give it the blacked outlook.

07. Smittybilt Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier and Hitch



Highlighted Features

  • Solid Mount D-Rings
  • 3/16-inch cold roll steel
  • One-Piece welded design
  • Strong plate center section
  • Reinforced double-sided gussets
  • Black powder coating

Smittybilt is always considered to be amongst the top company in manufacturing Jeep accessories, so basically all their products are trustworthy, and this product is not left out.

This rear bumper with tire carrier and hitch perfectly fits your JK Jeep Wrangler manufactured from 2007 to 2016 and Wrangler Unlimited.

This is an advanced technology product manufactured from 3/16-inch cold roll steel.

It has raised corners for easy entry and exit under the most extreme off-road conditions, with a solid plate that covers the lower cross member and frame horns.

This Smittybilt product is also designed with two-stage matte black finish powder coating, which increases its strength and durability, and a Class III hitch with towable D-ring mounts.

Pressed tapered 2” diameter bearings, 1 – ¼ inch grade five mounting hardware, and pressed tapered 2-inch diameter bearings are also included in this bumper design.


  • Smooth installation and a one-person job.
  • High durability and look of this product.
  • Great powder coating.


  • You have to add an extra electrical loop to attach the third brake light.
  • The instructions are not clear. You have to search for a video to assist with the installation.

08. Rugged Ridge Wheel Mount


Highlighted Features

  • Solid carrier mounts
  • Adjustable third brake light bracket
  • Tilt and depth adjustability
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket rear bumpers

If you’re on the look for a basic wheel mount that will get the job done without any hassle or risk, then this Rugged Ridge product is just for you.

This product strengthens your tire mount to be able to handle rough off-road terrain conveniently.

So you do not have to deal with annoying sound due to vibrations from the back of your truck.

This carrier can also mount spare tires of up to 37-inch like most other carriers on the list, and this also does it with ease.

With the depth and tilt adjustability feature, you can tilt your wheel and create more room for oversized tires.

“But for a 35-inch spare tire, on a 16 x 9 rim, there isn’t sufficient adjustment to force it against the bump stops.”

The installation process is straightforward, especially when you have the right tools, and you can install this carrier without having to drill.

This package also comes with a third brake light bracket, which is adjustable. This will allow you to fit on a wide range of aftermarket brake light easily.

With no hinge system, the price is moderately affordable compared to other similar carriers.


  • Very sturdy and holds the spare tire firmly.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • Solid tire carrier.
  • Detailed instruction manual.


  • The packaging is pretty bad.

 09. TeraFlex JK Adjustable Tire Mounting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty hinged carrier
  • Fits all JK Jeep Wrangler models
  • Holds up to 35-inch spare tire
  • Aluminum construction
  • Wheel spacer
  • Steel gusset construction

The TeraFlex JK adjustable tire mounting kit is designed to hold up to 35-inch spare tires conveniently, even in rough and extreme terrains.

This provides easy access to the rear cargo area with a simple action.

The adjustable tire mount supports the spare tires’ additional weight of up to 37-inch by mounting the spare tire to the hinged carrier and tailgate.

This carrier is also completely adjustable, allowing fore, vertical, and aft adjustment. It also has a solid gusseted tire mount, welded from laser-cut steel, which makes it very strong.

This carrier kit is designed to be installed with the TeraFlex hinged carrier. However, you can also install them independently.

But with the heavy-duty hinged carrier installed, you will be able to mount a spare tire of about 37-inch.


  • Fits the spare tire nice, snug to the tailgate, and saves a lot of weight over a bumper mount system.
  • Great design.
  • Very high-quality carrier.
  • Reliable and Durable


  • This carrier allows you to mount a larger tire, but it’s not perfect.
  • Takes time to install.

10. Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier


Highlighted Features

  • Cast aluminum hinge casting
  • Adjustable third brake light bracket
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket rear bumpers
  • Heavy-duty wheel mount
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • High mount brake light

Need a fitting tire carrier system for your 1997 – 2006 Jeep Wrangler model, without any rattling or other issues? Then this should be your go-to carrier.

This tire carrier provides the perfect balance of durability and strength, enabling you to hold up your 35-inch spare tire and wheel combo without the steel bumper’s excess weight.

This Rugged Ridge tire carrier is designed with a solid aluminum hinge casting, hinges forged from steel, and strong steel pins to replace the weak stock tailgate hinges for higher load capacity.

Rugged Ridge constructed this carrier from sturdy steel to manage oversized wheel and tire combinations while sustaining the high mount brake light.

The wheel mount and hinge casting are secured with a reliable black powder coating to increase the mount’s strength even in extreme conditions.

A unique feature about this carrier is the patent-pending design that makes the carrier highly functional and versatile.

It is compatible with most aftermarket rear bumpers, with no drilling required during installation.


  • No drilling or modification during installation.
  • Highly durable and so sturdy as a rock.
  • The kit is well made and easy to install.
  • Strong construction that eliminates all spare tire vibration.


  • It blocks the trailer hitch with a 35-inch tire mounted.

How To Choose

Before planning to get your best-fit tire carrier, there are several tips you need to have in mind so you can make the best decision, to avoid spending more than necessary on getting the right carrier for your Jeep.


To avoid wasting your resources on the wrong tire carrier, you need to ensure the carrier is the perfect fit for your Jeep.

Despite all the recommended products being a proper fit for your JK Jeep Wrangler, you still have to get the best mount for your Wrangler model.

There are various JK Jeep models in the market, produced at different years, and these models come at varying specifications.

Therefore, you cannot use a particular carrier specification for all Jeep models.

That’s why you must check your wheel’s size that fits properly into the proposed carrier.

Since you are using the carrier for off-roading cars, you are going to have oversized wheels.

So you will also ensure the carrier can accommodate this expansion. You should always go for carriers that can hold at least a 37-inch tire.


To have a comfortable tire carrier, you have to check the height, angle, in and out adjustments. This will help to mount your spare tires firmly with no hassle.

Besides compatibility and durability, this quality should also be amongst your list of top tips to watch out for before purchasing any tire carrier kit.

We’ve discovered that most people disregard the importance of the carrier’s adjustment features, and they end up having issues while trying to place their spare tires in the carrier properly.


Getting a tire carrier that is straightforward to install is also an important factor to note.

Some carriers in the market are standard but have a complicated installation, and you don’t want to end up frustrated.

Check the carrier’s instruction manual on how the carrier is being installed. If it’s too complicated or difficult for you to learn, get another one with a less difficult installation process.


Before considering any tire carrier, you should first check for the production material that gives the carrier its durability quality.

This feature is essential not just because it will help you save money. Also, since you will be using the carrier in extreme conditions, you have to make sure it won’t fall apart within a short time.

Therefore, it’s vital to ensure your carrier will not shake or wobble to avoid any unfortunate situation for not only your passengers, yourself included.

That’s why our recommended products are mostly aluminum or steel constructed to ensure you get a durable product, and also, they all give good support.


You need to know that the price of a tire carrier does not determine the carrier’s quality. The price mostly depends on the tool brand.

To avoid spending more than budgeted on a carrier for your JK Jeep Wrangler, you need to set a price range you are willing to spend on the tool and purchase a quality carrier within that price range.

You do not necessarily have to increase your budget to get a quality tire carrier. Some unique carriers in the market are very affordable.


To streamline your chances of getting the right JK Jeep Wrangler tire carriers, you can stick with a popular brand in the market known for producing quality products only.

FAQ’s Best Tire Carrier For Jeep JK

Can I use small wheel sizes on a carrier?

Of course, you can. Even though most tire carriers are designed to accommodate oversized tires, you can still mount smaller tires and wheels.

You also need to note that for almost all carriers, the maximum tire size that can fit is usually 37 inches.

Will the excess weight affect my driving experience?

The additional weight to the back of your truck might slow you down. For this reason, most people go for lightweight tire carriers that will have little or no effect on their driving experience.

However, during off-roading, you might not be able to drive at high-speed levels, so the carrier’s weight should not bother you.

Why do I need a quality tire carrier?

Since your Wrangler will be used on rough terrains, you need to get a tire carrier that won’t fail while driving. If a carrier fails, it puts the driver and the passengers at risk.

No driver wants to experience a breakdown of any part of their vehicle, including the tire carrier. So getting a quality product for your Jeep Wrangler is necessary.

Can I mount other accessories on my tire carrier?

Some tire carriers are designed with additional mounts that allow you to place your jacks, fuel cans, and other accessories.

So yes, you should be able to mount some of your accessories on your tire carrier.

However, you should only place accessories that can fit. Oversized accessories will fall out.

How do tire carriers react to water?

Water corrosion is an issue for carriers, especially for low-quality carriers. Since off-roading is mostly on muddy terrains, the effect of water on your carrier should be minimal.

Carriers designed with powder coatings are not affected by water. It keeps the carriers rust-free.


Off-roading without a spare tire is not an option, that’s why you need to get the best JK tire carrier that will hold that spare firmly with no hassle, and with any of our recommendations, you should have a safe drive.

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