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Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders: The Needs & Option

Do you have a passion for going off-road? However, you do not know about Jeep Gladiator Rock Slider. Further, you will need a very hard, durable, and advanced rock slider to go off-road.

You will not be able to drive smoothly on a rough-surfaced road if you do not have the best rock slider. However, you do not need to worry.

We have three options on our list. These three options are some of the best to select from. Further, this will save your time because you do not need to scroll through tons of rock sliders on Amazon.

Do you want to know more about Jeep Gladiator Rock Slider? Then keep on reading. At first, let us know what is a Jeep Rock Slider.

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What is Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders?

Rock sliders are the ultimate off-road kit you need while off-roading with your Jeep Gladiator.

The duty of rock sliders is to protect all your undercarriage and cab. Moreover, you need to get a rock slider if you are willing to protect them while off-roading.

You might think of a running board. However, running boards are optimized for everyday use case protection. Further, they are not protected while off-roading.

So what are the real benefits of installing a rock slider? Let’s know them below.

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Advantages Of Fitting Rock Slider In Jeep Gladiator

Are you having conflicts with installing a rock slider in your jeep gladiator? We have some benefits listed below to get you covered.

Impeccable For Off-road Driving

We know that off-roading is fun when you are pushing your vehicle to its limits. Further, driving on remote roads is more joy drive.

However, we also know that off-road has tons of stones that continuously hit your vehicle.

Further, the cost of repair increases after you are done off-roading. There are dents and scratches everywhere.

However, you can be safe from those unwanted cost repairs by equipping your Jeep Gladiator with rock sliders.

Moreover, the rock sliders are not that much expensive as the repair cost of your vehicle.

They Don’t Stay Flushed That Much

Running boards stay flushed on your Jeep Gladiator. Further, they look horrible and some running boards just stay flushed too much.

However, there is an advantage to rock sliders. Rock sliders do not stay flushed like the running boards.

Furthermore, rock sliders are optimized to protect your vehicle from all the stone chips and dents.

Sure, they are visible after fitting. However, they are not much visible as the running boards.

Easy To Get Inside

Rock sliders also make entering and exiting your vehicle easy. Further, you just need to step on the frame and you are good to enter in seconds.

Very Easy To Fit

You will be glad to know they won’t take hours to install. Further, they are pretty easy to install and provides additional support to protect your Jeep, Gladiator.

Now you know the reasons why you need to install Rock Sliders. However, you do not know some of the best sliders available in the market.

Now, let’s know the three best rock sliders available in the market today.

Some Of The 3 best Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders

You are here because you are an off-road jeep gladiator driver. Further, you need to get some of the best jeep gladiator rock sliders.

Now, we will recommend you some models. Let us dive into details!

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01. 77634 Smittybilt – All-rounder



Product highlights

  • Tear-resistant
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Rock sliders of 2 inches
  • Hard-working tubes

The 77634 Smittybilt is an allrounder according to our list. This is one of the best rock sliders available for jeep gladiators.

Further, the pack features all the necessities you need to keep your vehicle safe. Moreover, the kit is designed for professional off-roading.

The pack features a very classic and modern-looking design. Further, the appealing look changes the overall appearance of your jeep gladiator.

You will be pleased to know that the particular model features a steel tube. This means you can go on off-road without worrying about any damage to your vehicle.

Further, you do not need to worry about any damage caused by rocks while off-roading.

Besides, the rock sliders are around 2 inches and consist of rounded tubes. Therefore, you can relax knowing you will not break them while going for rough off-road driving.

There is an additional advantage too. However, rock sliders aren’t meant for entering and exiting your truck. But the two inches can help you get in and out easily without hassle.

To add with, the product consists of a bolt-on design. This means the installation process is very easy.


  • Easy installation process
  • Ages less over time
  • Enhances the look of the truck
  • Wheel to wheel protection


  • Instructions are hard to understand

02. J1980T N-FAB – Best foot stepping rock slider



Product highlights

  • Rock sliders are of 3 inches
  • The whole finish is done with powder coating
  • Fully welded construction
  • Corrosion-resistant

This product is optimized for better protection and is loved by all professional jeep Gladiator off-roader owners.

Further, N-FAB offers some of the best rock sliders available for jeep gladiators.

Besides, the design is just timeless. The elegant looking appearance and advanced looks encourage customers to buy this product.

The finish of the product is just gorgeous. However, this is not only the best feature. We found the most appealing feature to be the everlasting finish.

Therefore, you can relax knowing the finish will not peel over time.

You might be concerned about the installation process of this product. Be happy because the installation process is just decent.

This particular model features bolt-on installation. Thus, you do not need to be equipped with professional types of equipment to fit this rock slider on your jeep gladiator.

Further, you can easily enter the vehicle by stepping on a rock slider. The rock slider is wide and large enough to help you get in and out of your truck easily.

You will be happy to know the rock slider doesn’t stick out. Further, the design is meant to remain flush with the truck to prevent bulks.

Therefore, they don’t stick out like all running boards. So we can say this is one of the best available in the market today.


  • Advanced design language
  • Very easy to get in and out of the vehicle
  • Flushed design
  • Bolt-on installation makes it easy to install without professional tools
  • Impeccable design


  • Debris might develop over time

03. TG-SS2J35198 by Tyger Auto



Product Highlights

  • Silicon slip-resistant pads
  • Coating with weatherproofing texture
  • Bolt-on installation process
  • The oval tube design language

Are you facing difficulties choosing the best one? If you are, you can try the TG-SS2J35198 by Tyger Auto.

We all know Tyger Auto is one of the best vehicle accessories manufacturers. Therefore, this meets all the quality standards you need.

Further, the price is quite reasonable too. Therefore, this product is for tight-budget customers.

However, you might think cheap means the product is not good. This is not the case for this product. Further, the installation process is easy too.

All thanks to the bolt-on installation process, you will fit a rock slider in your vehicle with a snap!

Moreover, are you having a tough time getting inside your jeep gladiator? If so, this product is for you.

Besides, the 3.5 inches design is easy to step in and out of. Silicon slip pads give a further grip to your foot to prevent slipping during wet days.

We also love the durability of this product. They are optimized to withstand harsh weather conditions and hold well to prevent wear and tear over time.


  • High build quality
  • Enhanced stepping design to prevent slipping
  • Resistant to water
  • Safe to drive on rainy days


  • The installation process might be hard

How To Select The Right Jeep Gladiator Rock Slider?

There are tons of ways to select the right rock slider for your Jeep Gladiator. Below, we have listed some of the features to help you distinguish your choice.

Preferring Bolt-On / Weld-On Installation

We prefer you to avoid the weld-on installation process. This is because the weld-on installation process is expensive compared to the bolt-on installation process.

You need to spend around $200 just to get them weld on your Jeep Gladiator.

However, the bolt-on installation process is easy. Therefore, we prefer you to get the bolt-on installation process.


Material is a big factor in choosing a jeep gladiator rock slider. For example, alloy steel prevents corrosion over time.

This becomes handy when you go serious off-roading. Moreover, if you are planning to keep your rock slider for a long time, we prefer you to choose alloy steel over other materials.

Slip-resistant pads

We recommend you get anti-slip pads for your jeep gladiator rock slider. They become handy during wet days.

Suppose, you want to get out of the car by stepping on the rock slider on rainy days. This is where the anti-slip pads help a lot.


Frequently Asked Question

Below, we have given some frequently asked questions. Hopefully, this will come in handy for you!

Will I regret buying rock sliders?

Hopefully not, if you purchase a good one like given on our product list.

Is it legal to fit rock slider?

Yes, they are legal. However, they add extra weight to your vehicle which might hamper the performance of your jeep gladiator.

Can you step on rock sliders to get in and out?

Sure, you can use it for entering and exiting accessibility.

Does rock slider minimize ground clearance?

Sadly, yes they reduce a bit of ground clearance. However, they do not minimize much like running boards.


Now you know some of the three best rock sliders for jeep Gladiator. Further, they are just impeccable for off-Roading.

Without a doubt, you can fit them to protect your vehicle from stones and bumps in off-road areas.

However, there are tons of after-market options. Therefore, we recommend you buy the best quality one.

Further, consider some factors like choosing an alloy steel option, a slip pad option, and a thick rock slider for easy in and out. All these will add up to your accessibility feature besides protecting it from damage.

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