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10 Best Cell Phone Mount For Jeep Wrangler: Reviews [2022]

Phones are such essential accessories for our daily lives that we can’t simply leave them at home. However, when you drive a Jeep Wrangler, keeping the phone at an accessible location could be tricky.

Here’s when the best cell phone mount for Jeep Wrangler comes into play. Created with practical mechanisms, these accessories allow us to take the phone with us wherever we go without a single problem.

Let’s address two essential questions first.

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What is the Best Cell Phone Mount for Jeep Wrangler?

That would have to be the Dash Mount Cell Phone Holder by Bulletproof Mounting.

This holder has it all: from a durable and reliable build to an efficient and multi-purpose mechanism to keep phones, cameras, GPS, and other devices safely in the Jeep Wrangler.

This holder also happens to be user-friendly, as it has a convenient mechanism to release the phone without unnecessary buttons.

Why Bulletproof Mounting is the Best Brand For Cell Phone Mount For Jeep Wrangler?

To put it simply, Bulletproof Mounting is at the top because it goes the extra mile to create super useful accessories.

The brand doesn’t settle for just producing tools to hold a phone. Instead, it focuses on delivering products that thoroughly improve the driving experience of Jeep Wrangler owners.

Bullet Mounting holders don’t just hold a phone — They keep it secure and at an accessible and safe distance to avoid compromising the driver’s safety while driving.

10 Best Cell Phone Mount For Jeep Wrangler Reviews

Having cleared that up, let’s have some fun going over the eleven most capable cell phone holders for Jeep Wrangler.

As mentioned earlier, my criteria bases on elements like the quality of the product, its strength, and how easy they are to use, among other things. Let’s begin, then!

01. Bulletproof Mounting Solutions Dash-mount Phone Holder – Best Cell Phone Mount For Jeep Driving


Highlighted Features:

  • Two 20mm ball mounts
  • Carbon fiber & Kevlar mounting arm
  • 360° Rotation
  • One-hand operation

Tired of missing a call or your GPS because your phone is out of reach? Then you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

This cellphone holder is the perfect solution for those issues, as it conveniently keeps the phone in your line of vision without having to take your hands off the wheel.

This accessory features two 20mm ball mounts that you can use for both the phone and the camera, keeping your hands free as you navigate the roads.

Even better, there are no buttons or tricky mechanisms involved — To get your phone out, you only have to slide one side of the holder, and it’ll come out.

Created with a carbon fiber and Kevlar combination, the holder tightly secures your phone without any risks. No drilling is necessary either to install this product, making it easy to mount for everyone.

“Installing this holder is easy. However, the tape quality is poor. You’ll most likely end up buying a better tape to ensure everything’s perfect.”

Another highlighted feature is the 360° rotation system, allowing users to adjust the holder to either portrait or landscape orientation.

Overall, this holder offers convenience to adapt to the driver’s needs and efficiency to keep phones safe.


  • A convenient accessory for hand-free use of the phone
  • User-friendly design for easy phone removal
  • Holds devices tightly during bumps
  • Expands to fit phones of different sizes


  • Poor tape quality


The holder can work exactly as you expect. It can hold your phone safely and you can pick up the phone with one hand while driving. However, to reduce shakiness, you might require a stronger double-sided mounting tape than the one provided. As this item’s construction and quality are great, we recommend it.

02. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Phone Holder – Best Stable Cell Phone Holder For Wrangler


Highlighted Features:

  • One-Touch Lock/Release Mechanism
  • Extendable telescopic arm
  • Universal mounting design
  • Reusable suction cup
  • Adjustable bottom foot

If checking out the phone while driving was already dangerous, old cell phone holders made everything worse with complicated release mechanisms.

That’s why this accessory is nearly perfect: it offers a one-touch lock/release system to open/close the mount using one hand — It’s both efficient and highly convenient.

Since it’s a universal mounting, every phone and case within 2.3 and 3.5 inches will fit perfectly.

The installation is simple, and you get the option to adapt the extendable telescopic arm, which also pivots on a 225° arc to deliver more variety in positions.

“Similar to other iOttie mounts, this one has a strong adhesive that may leave a mark depending on the surface. While it comes off windshields smoothly, soft dashboard surfaces will leave a visible and permanent mark.”

Another adjustable feature is the bottom foot. It can adjust side to side, higher or lower, or entirely removed if necessary.

Getting it out allows drivers to place larger smartphones and cases on the mount.

With high power offered by the suction cup, this holder effectively remains in place to keep the cell phones at a safe distance.


  • Easy to access the phone
  • Many adjustable features for optimal comfort
  • The suction cup restores easily
  • Offers different angle positions


  • Permanent marks depending on the surface


There are mixed reactions concerning this dashboard mount. It is better to avoid buying it if you live in a hot area.

As the weather gets hotter, the suction cup might come off. The holder itself seems to be properly constructed. However, it may suit better those living in colder places.

03. Bulletproof Mounting Dash Mount Phone Holder – Best Holder for Phone & Camera


Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded grip
  • Carbon fiber / Kevlar arm
  • Stable metal base
  • 360° Rotation

This cell phone holder is as it can be by requiring nothing more than the dashboard’s fastener and a few extra screws for stability.

Plus, it only needs one hand to operate, meaning that you won’t have to leave the vehicle unattended while using the phone.

The mount has a remarkably durable base made of metal, which lets you attach the phone and a GoPro camera to record outdoor activities.

Additionally, the two 20mm ball mount heads and the mounting arm deliver an excellent grip to hold both devices.

“For the most part, getting the phone in and out of the mount is easy. Nonetheless, sometimes the spring-loaded holder could complicate things a bit, requiring more time to do the previously mentioned.”

After mounting the devices, you can use the bracket’s 360° rotation to find the ideal angle and get a clear vision of your phone and camera.


  • An excellent choice to mount a camera and record your activities
  • Adjustable viewing angle for the devices
  • Keeps the phone balanced and stable
  • Quick installation


  • Getting the cell phone in/out isn’t always easy


This product is highly recommended. It is strong enough to hold a large phone, such as the iPhone 8, along with its case.

Also, you can remove and restore your iPhone as you please without changing the holder’s stability.

What is more, this holder is easy to install because there is an installation manual. Once you get this solid dashboard pod, you will love it.

04. Bulletproof Mounting Dash Mount Phone Holder – Best Phone Holder for Streaming


Highlighted Features:

  • All-in-one build
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Sturdy base
  • Mounting arm

True to the brand’s style, this mount is an all-in-one phone holder that also offers the option to attach a GoPro camera.

Both mounts work perfectly, keeping the devices secure while maintaining them at a comfortable view angle for the driver’s convenience.

Perhaps the most surprising element of this mount is the super-strength displayed by the magnetic holder. Called 6 Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, these guarantee a tight grip around the cell phone.

“Since the adhesive tape found on the mount isn’t that good, the option to attach the mount with the dash screw comes in handy.”

The mount is rock solid and barely moves. Featuring carbon fiber and Kevlar mounting arm, this product truly is one of the most satisfying cell phone cars mount Jeep Wrangler accessories.

There are no vibrations or bumps that could affect its grip over the device.


  • Ideal for cell phones and GoPro cameras
  • Super firm grip to hold the cell phone in place
  • No modifications needed for its installation
  • Remains stable over rough terrains


  • Bad adhesive tape quality


For your video streaming needs you require this mount from Bulletproof Mounting. It is a high quality product, so you will recover your money in the long run.

Secondly, it is easy to install for the first time with common tools. This will go well with your jeep in terms of appearance and design. It might stay on the dashboard for a long, long time.

05. CAW CAR Universal Magnetic Phone Mount


Highlighted Features:

  • All-metal build
  • 360° Rotation
  • Mount size
  • Three metal disks

When we think cell phone holders can’t get any better, in comes this accessory created by Caw Car.

Unlike most other holders that feature a similar design, this one offers an innovative design that brings out many benefits.

For starters, the holder is compatible with every cell phone or GPS device.

It also consumes barely any space, meaning you can set it up almost anywhere you see fit. After setting it up, the ultra-slim metallic disc sticks to the phone or its case.

Then, all you have to do is approach the manet to the holder, and that’s it — The phone remains secure in a comfortable position.

“When compared to previous models, this new mount does have a limited range of motion. It’s a small sacrifice that, though noticeable, doesn’t affect the overall rating of this product.”

The design of the mount is also fantastic. It features an all-metal build that blends perfectly with the interior of any vehicle.

Furthermore, the 360° rotation offered allows drivers to adjust the viewing angle as much as needed.

Trying innovative ideas are often hit or miss. Luckily, in this case, it has been nothing but success.


  • Innovative, modern design looks fantastic
  • Compatible with all cell phones
  • Adjustable and easy to use
  • Blends perfectly in the vehicle


  • Limited range of motion


One of the first things you will like about this item is its 3M magnet stickers. They are very sticky and will hold your iPhone tightly.

You should find a stable spot on your dashboard for this mount. Even when speeding up your car, the phone will stay intact. It has a perfect size and will fit well even if your Jeep Wrangler’s dashboard lacks adequate space for it.

06. Hooke Road Multi-Function Phone Holder


Highlighted Features:

  • ABS/Aluminum alloy build
  • Cup holder arm
  • Easy to Install
  • PU sponge mat

Created with ABS and aluminum alloy materials, this accessory offers a solid grip to keep your phones or beverages safe while driving.

The holder is compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK models from 2008 to the most recent years, and setting it up is an effortless task — There’s no drill needed, requiring only a rubber knife and a screwdriver to get the job done.

The holder does a fantastic job of keeping cell phones safe, mostly due to how solid the setup is — And it only gets better when the engine is on. If the vehicle takes a bump on the road, the phone remains securely inside.

“Despite not having any instructions included, setting up this holder is pretty straightforward.”

Since the holder mounts at the console’s passenger side, an initial concern was whether or not the phone would be easy to reach. Luckily, there was no problem at all.

Lastly, the uncovered bottom is another pleasant benefit. It gives users an entry to connect the USB cable for charging without getting the phone out of the holder.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Effectively protects accessories from bumps
  • Mounts at an easy-to-access location
  • The uncovered bottom is ideal for charging


  • Lacks instructions


As a Jeep JK Wrangler owner, you know that most dashboard phone mounts don’t fit it. So when you come across an awesome product like this, you should purchase it.

Besides the steel metal brackets being perfectly made, the plastic material used for construction is tough and durable.

Needless to say, the holder is easy to place on the dashboard and can hold your iPhone and other personal belongings.

07. Rugged Ridge 1355116 Dash Multi-Mount Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable phone mount
  • Many accessories included
  • 17mm ball mount
  • Molded design

Here’s a product that doesn’t resemble what we’ve seen so far. The Rugged Ridge 1355116 is a tripod-like dash mount phone holder with a cradle that holds the devices securely while going off-road.

Besides mounting with the Wranglers’ already existing screws, the mount snaps into the dash quickly and smoothly.

The mount is adjustable, and it comes with a tripod stud, the mount, and a storage compartment to keep other items.

You can put devices like cell phones, GoPro/POV cameras, and other devices in the mount. Also, the ball mount design ensures universal compatibility with most phones.

“Emphasis on ‘most phones.’ The grip is wide enough for phones like the Nexus 6, but just barely. Anything larger than that won’t fit properly.”

For anything smaller, though? The mount is perfect. It keeps the phone safe and at an accessible angle.


  • Puts a solid grip around the devices
  • Useful storage compartment
  • Compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and more
  • Offers more space to store items like sunglasses


  • Not suitable for larger phones


If you want a dashboard pod that looks just like the OEM one, this is your best bet. It has a perfect design and does not shake unless you install it wrongly.

The installation task itself is super easy and the holder will not affect your visibility as you drive. It will be ideal even if your region is generally warm because it cannot melt.

08. Titan Multi-Purpose Dash Mount Phone Holder


Highlighted Features:

  • Polycarbonate build
  • Two ball-mounted goosenecks
  • Two phone holders
  • Three buckle slots

The following accessory is as efficient as it is convenient. It features a stable build of durable polycarbonate with a couple of 1/2” ball mounted goosenecks that lead to two phone holders.

Why would you need two? I hear you ask. To keep two phones, of course! One for the driver and one for the passenger.

There’s nothing complicated about this accessory. It has a minimalistic design that looks beautiful and perfectly fits in the vehicle, as it doesn’t consume much space.

Plus, the installation is easy — All you have to do is remove the dashboard tray, set up the dash mount kit, and use a screwdriver to secure it in place.

Two other reasons to love this holder are the three buckle slots and the flexible goosenecks.

Not only will you be able to secure more than one phone, but you will also have easy access to them.

“Having said that, the length of the arms isn’t ideal for larger phones. It would’ve been much better if the holder had an adjustable bottom to get these phones a bit lower.”

However, with the one-touch arm release mechanism and the threaded twist-lock nut, drivers do get the option to set up the mount vertically or horizontally.


  • Holds two phones instead of just one
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent installation spot for easy access
  • Versatility to hold more than phones


  • Not compatible with big phones


This will be a nice dashboard phone mount for you regardless of the type of Smartphone you own. It is spacious and easy to mount.

The quality is superior too, and the holder is able to keep your phone inconspicuous. It will even work flawlessly when driving on paved roads.

09. Daystar Upper Dash Panel with Phone Holder


Highlighted Features:

  • Faux leather build
  • Vertical/Horizontal positioning
  • Other accessories included
  • Sturdy base

When other holders don’t have enough for your large phone, that’s when this Jeep Wrangler cell phone mount comes into play.

It can hold considerably large phones like the iPhone 6 Plus and several Samsung mobiles that often don’t fit well in regular holders.

Installing this holder is such an easy process that everyone can do it in just a few minutes.

After setting it up, the holder gives you easy access to either put the phone inside or to get it out, which is perfect. Other than phones, this accessory is ideal for GPS.

Whether it’s for the phone or the GPS, any device set up in the holder remains at a convenient position with a clear, visible view of the screen.

“Though the design of this holder keeps the phones secure, it can be awkward at times. For instance, turning it from horizontal to a vertical position while still plugged doesn’t always go smoothly.”

What makes this holder stand out is the base’s sturdiness and stability. It hardly moves, meaning that the phone is secure regardless of the vibrations of uneven roads.


  • A fantastic holder that doesn’t move
  • Installation requires only a few minutes
  • Keeps phones or GPS at a visible height
  • Ideal for larger phones


  • Switching from horizontal to vertical is awkward


If your tablet or Smartphone is up to 7.5 inches tall, this is the best holder to buy. If you are keen enough, you will notice that the product offers two ways to hold your phone.

It adjusts easily from a horizontal to a vertical position and vice versa. Besides, it can hold two gadgets at once; you should buy it.

10. JeCar Dash Phone Holder


Highlighted Features:

  • Metal build
  • Vertical/Horizontal Mount
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Anti-slip

Customizable car accessories are always fun due to the many different ways in which owners can use them.

This holder is one of those items, as it allows users to move it and rotate it along the bar until they find the ideal spot for their phones.

Compatible with modern phones like the iPhone 11 Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10, this holder is the perfect accessory to keep them safe.

Due to its metal build, the holder is both durable and resistant, keeping smartphones from getting any damage caused by impacts while on the roads.

Installing the holder is a breeze, requiring nothing else but the existing screws. Plus, you can also adapt the mount either vertically or horizontally, depending on which one works best for you.

“As a minor drawback, the holder doesn’t offer a quick method to get the phone in/out. You have to take a moment to either tighten or loosen the grip.”


  • A customizable mechanism to move the phone around
  • Beautiful finish with resistant materials
  • No extra tools required for installation
  • Perfect for modern smartphones


  • It takes some time to secure/remove the phone


Even if this holder makes it a little harder for you to remove and restore your phone, it may work for someone who is creative.

A simple DIY job can help eliminate the minor issue it comes with and make it even more reliable. Besides, it is affordable and appears to be well-constructed.

CheroCar JL Cellphone Dash Multi-Mount Phone Holder


Highlighted Features:

  • Plastic build
  • Storage tray included
  • Anti-slip texture
  • No modifications required

This accessory is clear evidence that we shouldn’t underestimate plastic products without giving them a shot first.

In this case, the plastic material creates a durable and reliable item that could easily be the best cell phone car mount for jeep wrangler out there.

And that’s not a stretch. This product’s quality is noticeable from the start. It looks great, fits the vehicle perfectly without taking up a lot of space, and requires nothing more than a few minutes for its installation.

“While pretty much everything about this product is great, the phone doesn’t remain at an ideal angle towards the driver.”

Though the holder doesn’t have a bottom base, both sides provide a solid grip to keep the phone in place.

Plus, the anti-skid and non-slip texture guarantee the holder or phone won’t slip easily.

Besides the holder, the purchase includes a convenient storage tray that you could use for keys or other small accessories.

The tray also helps keep the holder secure.


  • Solid grip to keep phones protected
  • Keeps the phone from slipping while driving over rough roads
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Effectively prevents damage from bumps


  • The holder’s angle doesn’t hold the phone entirely towards the driver

What to Consider Before Buying

Looking to set up a cell phone holder in your Jeep Wrangler? Don’t settle for anything less than a quality cell phone mount for your favorite Jeep Wrangler models.

Although there are several cell phone dashboard mounts, some of these are unreliable.

Thus, a buyer should know how to select the right phone holder for their Jeep JK Wrangler. This is what you will learn next.

We are about to introduce to you the main factors you should consider when searching for the right cell phone holder. These include:


Cell phone holders are more than just getting a firm grip of the phone.

They must be reliable accessories, and thus they must feature high-quality materials with a comfortable texture to tightly hold the phone without damaging it.

The materials used to create these holders are many. Some models feature plastic, metal, aluminum alloy, and many more.

Each one works well, properly keeping the devices safe during bumps and preventing them from falling.


The release/lock mechanism varies a lot depending on the brand and the type of mount.

As we learned during our research, there are mounts with magnets, brackets, and extendable arms that secure the phone in place.

Magnets are the easiest because securing the phone is as easy as getting them close to the mount. However, not every magnet mount has the strength to hold the phone safely during off-road driving.

We recommend sticking to the products mentioned here, as they do have a reliable magnetic force that withstands the most challenging roads.

Single or Multi

While a single holder is more than enough to keep the phones safe, multi-purpose alternatives give us the option to attach other useful devices such as a camera, GPS, or a second smartphone.

Of course, choosing between one or the other depends entirely on the driver’s preference.

If you enjoy recording your rides for future entertainment or as a safety measure, then the multi-purpose holder is the one for you.

Easy to Install

Modern cell phone holders offer a fantastic advantage that makes them convenient accessories: they don’t require drilling for their installation. Instead, they arrive ready to mount without special accommodations needed.

An easy installation leads to many benefits. For instance, it means that everyone gets to do it hassle-free, regardless of their age or experience.

Secondly, you get to keep the Jeep Wrangler in perfect condition, as there’s no need to drill dashboards or anything like that.

Adjustable Angle

Ideally, a cell phone mount must have a 360° rotation bracket and extendable arms that allow users to customize the phone position as they see fit.

This feature is a must, especially if you’re using a GPS and need a clear view of the screen at all times.

An adjustable angle isn’t only good for the driver but also for the passenger as well.

Types of dashboard mounts

Suction-cup and adhesive mounts are very common. The proper name for these is universal windshield and dashboard mounts. Most of these entail a sticky suction cup.

Although they work for some, they don’t turn out as the best pick eventually. From melting to shaking, these are usually not your first priority when you want a quality cell-phone holder.

Alternatives can be CD-slot smartphone mounts. They look like typical compact disks. If there is a CD slot in your car, you could buy the CD-slot mount.

But, consider its location because you want the cell-phone to be close by. Furthermore, you can select between cradle and magnet phone mounts.


FAQ’s Jeep JK Phone Mount

We decided to answer a few additional questions. They may help you buy the ideal phone holder without a doubt in your head.

How to install a cell phone holder in Jeep Wrangler?

Fortunately, long are the days when installing a phone holder in any vehicle was a hassle. Now, the process is quick and intuitive. Plus, there’s no need for drilling making special accommodations for these accessories.

In most cases, the mount only requires the dashboard’s fastener and a few additional screws.

If the holder has a suction cup, then the process is easier, as it requires nothing but securing it on the windshield.

Why use a cell phone holder for Jeep Wrangler?

For many reasons. You can mount the phone on the holder and keep a clear view of the screen, which is useful for using the GPS or music player.

And even if you don’t use it for the phone, you can still use the holders for other purposes like holding bottles, cameras, GPS devices, and many more items.

Can cell phone holders resist bumps?

Not all of them. However, the products reviewed here maintain a solid grip on devices even if the road ahead is bumpy.

What types of phones can the holder protect?

While some holders have size limitations, other options like the magnetic models offered by Bulletproof Mounting can hold phones of almost any size, including the latest iPhones and Samsung.

All you have to do is attach the magnet to the back of the phone/case and mount it.

Are cell phone holders for Jeep Wrangler reliable?

Yes, these accessories are reliable. Naturally, you must make sure every screw fits perfectly to guarantee the mount doesn’t fail.

Will I still charge my phone wirelessly when using a magnetic cell phone holder?

No, you will not charge your phone wirelessly when using a magnet holder because of the magnetic field surrounding it. If you want to charge it this way, don’t choose this type of dashboard phone mount.

What If I need to change the position of the mobile phone holder on my Jeep Wrangler? Can I do it?

A cell phone holder that is specially made for the Jeep Wrangler should sit where it should on your dashboard or any other part.

If you want a holder to place on a dashboard, buy it and put it there. Correct usage will help you track the holder’s value.

However, one can find a different location for their suction cup mount. The problem is to change it too often as this can affect its performance.

What if I need a cell phone holder that can withstand high heat?

As there are different kinds of cell phone mounts, you are bound to find one that suits your climate. If your area is ever warm, avoid a holder that cannot withstand high heat.

To be precise, don’t purchase suction cup or adhesive mounts at all. These will yield to high heat and fall off.

And they could do so with your expensive phone inside. Instead of these, choose mounts that you have to install with screws.

Can a cell phone mount keep my phone from scratches?

Yes, it will protect your phone’s sensitive screen from scratches if it has good construction. Second, if the holder is not shaky or wobbly, it will hold the phone tightly.


“If you normally use your mobile phone when driving, you need it closer to you. Indeed, you want to place the phone where you can grab it quickly, use it, and restore it without dropping it. One item that can guarantee proper phone handling when driving is a dashboard cell phone holder.”

With the best cell phone mount, you no longer have to worry about not having a proper place for such an essential device.

These holders are outstanding, as they get a solid grip on the phone while still offering quick methods to get it out if needed.

Plus, you can use them for more than just a single device due to the holders’ versatility.

These tools are almost essential for Jeep Wrangler owners. So, make sure to check all of the options to find your ideal holder. Make the most out of your outdoor adventures with one of these!

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