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What To Do While Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Lights Not Working When Headlights are On

Very often, we counter this problem for Cherokee Brake lights for its inability to shine alongside headlights. The problem lies within the switching system of different vehicles.

For Jeep Grand Cherokee, the brake lights switching is the major contributing factor. None the less the erosion, corrosion, and lack of proper servicing are the other reasons among many.

Brake lights and headlights have moved a long way, but the braking system switching is relatively old fashioned. In this review, we try to accumulate a fair amount of information and solutions to a certain extent.

How Do Brake Lights and Headlights work?

Before we counter and find solutions to the problem above, we need to understand brake lights and headlights’ operating procedures.

We can start with brake lights first. Brake lights have two standard types, such as simple mechanical switch and hydraulic switch.

For Mechanical control, the operation moves around the brake pedal. The depressor represses maintain the pressure to complete the circuit to on and off the brake light.

Similarly, the hydraulic switch moves around the pressure release in the master cylinder. Based on the pressure mounted in the break-line determines the lighting on and off.

However, Headlight lamps work on comprises of the Headlight, circuit breaker, or dimmer light.

The dimmer switch is often the most critical aspect. Because it fails very often, that is why a quality dimmer switch is a crucial requirement for a good driving experience.

Brake Lights

The benefits of brake light are overwhelming. This superior technology reduces the number of accidents.

According to US law, the brake lights are mandatory since 1948 for all kinds of passenger cars. This light provides superior control and visibility in the roadside for other vehicles.

This excellent mechanism is providing safety for a pretty long time. Brake lights also enhance roadside visibility.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Lights Not Working When Headlights are On

Step by step guide to solve the problem

There are some issues we need to consider before improving the performance of the brake lights.

Step 1

At first, we need to look at the switch. The switch used in the Cherokee grand is quite astonishing. But sometimes, harsh use cause corrosion in the controller.

More than 50 percent of problems regarding switch also ensures superior control. We recommend AC Delco and Motorcraft. These two brands, alongside replacement, are the main switches.

Recently some of the quality manufacturers also enhance the performance to a certain degree. Some other manufacturers, like Indian and Chinese products, are not bad. But there are some brands which compromise quality is a matter of concern.

Step 2

Secondly, we need to consider the dimmer switch. There are some standard principles to build a dimmer switch.

But electrical consideration for this kind of control is the most critical issue. Some mechanical switch or relay can be difficult.

But nowadays all-electric switch is improving the performance. Cherokee original switch holds the key.

For replacement, you need to consider professional help. You need to have sufficient knowledge and expertise to solve the issues.

Step 3

Another important thing is the consideration of headlights. Most often, Cherokee headlights got burned out. This problem is a prevalent issue.

We need to take care of this issue by regular checkups. Headlights are quite different than the average lights. The precision and fuse adjustment is the key.

Sometimes the lighting technology we need to consider. Because, based on technology, the lighting will have some differences.

Meanwhile, we also believe in some quality arrangements in terms of reliability, pricing, and performances.

Most of the headlights are now LED or halogen lights. These lights are susceptible. If your fuse is old, then there is a greater possibility of Headlight wear out.

So our suggestion is a regular checkup, and a little caution can solve the problem and reduce the cost to a great extent.

Step 4

They are finding the right parts. Typically manufacturer websites and manual also provide quality servicing guidelines.

Some notable websites provide fruitful options. Recent development and quality products also ensure the easing of the problem.

Step 5

If you can afford it, you can consult with the professional, who will quickly sort this problem. But there some good videos which will provide the necessary information and expertise to grow at a rapid pace.

Step 6

The socket problem is also a very intriguing issue. Proper sockets are essential because the complete circuits depend on this problem.

It is recommended to solve the problem with professional help. But if you are very eager and passionate, then you can solve the problem on your own.

If anybody wants to start solving the problem, This youtube link is a thing we can watch to learn.

In this video, they have opened up the issue and solving it with great admiration. In this video, they also show the details of the problem and troubleshooting techniques.

With a little help from the manual, you can solve the problem to a great extent.

Another critical issue regarding aftermarket components discussed in this link

this link solves the problem, but it is for a pretty old model. Recent components and wiring are a bit different.

So the appropriate model is also a significant consideration. But overall, a great video with great enthusiasm and useful information.

Brake Lights Issues with Headlight On Grand Cherokee

There are some issues regarding brake lights not working when Headlight appears. This critical problem comes with socket problems due to erosion and corrosion.

This corrosion issues will reduce the bulb to complete the circuit. The metal contact often gets depleted to operate when headlights are on. Similarly, types of bulbs are also a subject of concern.

Different kinds of bulbs appear in various types of wiring and filament technologies. Based on the structure and lights lamination, the construction of the lights is quite different. Different kinds of lighting technology will provide serious issues.

An electrical connection will provide serious concern. The electrical embodiment of different vehicles sometimes may possess less adaptability with classical bulbs.

Classical bulbs will provide some incompatibility issues which may reduce the performance of brake lights. Some of the electric cars will give the necessary arrangement to handle the case.

Another issue is with the brake pedal. Sometimes brake pedal depression may reduce the load to a certain extent to reduce compatibility.

For different manufacturers, the compatibility of brake lights with headlights is taken seriously. The problem arises when the delivery channel gets mixed. Electrical disruption will produce some concerns.

In some vehicles, there are no rear lights. This arrangement is quite a problem. However, modern cars are improving to a certain degree.

Problems with Tail Lights

Taillights are the rear lights of the utmost importance. This quality lighting technology enhances safety. But this light has some issues; go out very early.

Firstly, the fuse is the prime concern. When you choose fuse, it has to be of good quality. Somehow people miss the trick to secure rate to a certain extent.

Moreover, corrosion reduces the lifetime of the fuse. Reckless driving and lack of maintenance often lessen the longevity for a specific time.

Fuse is a critical component of electrical communication. This quality electrical component handles different sections of electrical wiring.

When current overflows, then fuse adjust the automatic current level. So that we can get rid of severe consequences, after fuse, the most critical issue regarding tail light is the quality of the morning. In most cases, lighting technology and internal physics have a role to play in this problem.

The ancient technology in lighting will provide a hindrance to the sustainability of the lights. In the recent past, most of the complaints come for the filament lights.

It is worthy of reducing the usage of filament lights. The vehicle owners should use the lighting technology up to the market.

Light sensors are also responsible for such problems to a certain extent. Most of the quality lighting technology depends on the light sensor. Sensor technology is a very sophisticated technology.

The pricing of the sensor is often confusing, and most of the time is troublesome. Finding a proper sensor always impact the smooth performance.

How we can avoid this problem for Jeep Grand Cherokee

First, we need to do the research before purchase or replace a particular component. Take professional help as much as possible.

We can also avoid by maintaining proper vehicle management and quality performance. Avoiding rash driving will also improve the issues and components lifecycle. Before replacing, you can also consider some quality lighting technology.


We are coming to the end part of the article. In this article, we try to solve one of the pressing needs regarding Jeep Grand Cherokee.

These electrical issues are a bit tricky to solve. Without proper knowledge and guidance, this problem can cause significant damage to the vehicle.

One needs to consider several aspects of reading fuse, sockets, lights, and wearing for quality performance.

But in our opinion, we also recommend extensive research before purchasing any component or product. This article tries to establish some of the most common aspects.

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