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Top 7 Best XJ Leaf Springs To Optimize Jeep Cherokee Driving Experience 2022

Best XJ leaf springs allows you to add style and change the ride quality and performance of any model of jeep Cherokee anytime. Having the best XJ leaf springs for your vehicle will impact its delivery positively. Made from 1984-2001, the Jeep XJ Cherokee is among the most well-known SUV available. And it strives to be a reliable platform for all-terrain use.

XJ is light, agile, and sports strong shafts front and back. That is a coveted characteristic that is endowed but is lacking in recent vehicles.

Leaf springs are an essential part of a car’s suspension system. They’re capable of rectifying dangling, swaying, and inclination, and they can help restore the real height of your vehicle.

Also, they help support the whole weight of the vehicle and maintain the hold of the tires.

With a leaf-leap back suspension, the XJ offers a decent combination of on-road relaxation and off-road travel. As long as you’re using it often, it must require a replacement.

What is The Best XJ Leaf Springs?

Rubicon RE1463 Express is the best XJ leaf spring for a Jeep Cherokee. They offer a smooth and comfortable ride all day long. Meanwhile, they come with high-quality steel to offer extreme durability.

Why Rubicon Express is The Best Brand for XJ Leaf Springs?

Rubicon Express is the most popular manufacturer of suspension kits for XJ Jeep Cherokee. And they offer a wide range of products, including leaf springs and much more.

Also, the company has extreme-duty springs to give the lift that your tire requires.

Most importantly, Rubicon Express is the best choice when it comes to XJ leaf spring.

That is because they provide a soft ride and adventurous flex. Using their leaf spring gives you confidence on the road.

Their XJ leaf springs are not too hard or soft while driving.

Comparison Table of XJ Leaf Springs

ViewBrand NameDetails
Rubicon RE1463
Dorman 909-301
Skyjacker JC25RSB
Rubicon RE1462
Explorer 53111
Rubicon RE1461
Pro Comp 53111

7 Best XJ Leaf Springs Reviews

01. Rubicon RE1463



  • Perfect for XJ Cherokee 1984-2001
  • Lifts springs of 3.5 inch
  • Includes bushings
  • Individually sold leaf springs
  • Direct fit

Rubicon Cherokee RE1463 is full f features and qualities that make it outstanding.

Also, it proves to be the best even after using it roughly for several years. In terms of performance, it boasts of extreme greatness.

Meanwhile, it is a little above 3.5’’ of lift that performs great.


  • Great product
  • Good price
  • Fits Cherokee 1999 jeep


  • Installation is difficult

02. Dorman 909-301 – Best XJ Leaf spring for specific jeep versions



  • Ideal replacement
  • Simple to install
  • Durable material
  • Ensure fit
  • Quality tested

Firstly, the Dorman 909 is perfect for a 96 Cherokee. And it matches and performs as the ideal spring for this car application.

Most importantly, it comes with durable materials. For that reason, its design is for long-lasting durability.

In short, it comes with corrosion-resistant making.

Another unique thing is its ease of installation. Dorman 909 was made for hassle-free installation to offer a smooth ride.

Furthermore, this leaf spring is certified for the right match and performance for this car application.

To ensure that this product matches your car model, enter your design, version, and trim stage into the Amazon Garage.


  • It fits a 96 Cherokee
  • Comes with bushings
  • Durable enough to last longer


  • Difficult to install

03. Skyjacker JC25RSB – Best Soft ride XJ Leaf Spring



  • American steel design
  • 3’’ lift
  • Bushings included
  • Single spring
  • Rear position

Skyjacker JC25RSB comes only with an American steel design. And each leaf of the spring is shot-penned using hard steel rocks at high acceleration.

Due to shot-peening, the steel surface compresses, thereby causing an increase in the spring’s tensile strength.

By excluding the shot-peening method, you won’t achieve the overall wheel progress. And you may have to sacrifice the life of the spring.

Meanwhile, other spring style uses the stinch design bend pin, which bends tightly over the spring.

Thus, it will cause binding and friction. But, this leaf spring uses bolt style spring clasp, thereby eradicating rubbing.

Skyjacker narrows over the whole extent of the leaf, resulting in more flex at both ends.

Most times, this tapering spreads loads equally over some areas. They’ll be a reduction in the tendency of a leaf to shove into the one above it.


  • Works perfectly
  • Not too hard to install
  • Looks great


  • Too light

04. Rubicon RE1462 Express



  • Matches Cherokee XJ 1984-2001
  • 4.5’’ lift springs
  • Bushings included
  • Individually sold leaf springs
  • Direct fit

Rubicon Cherokee RE1462 has loads of outstanding features and qualities that make it last after prolonged use. Thus, our extreme duty springs are the greatest so far.

In terms of delivery, it boasts of extreme performance. Moreover, it is a 4.5’’ lift spring that performs effectively.

These springs offer maximum articulation and an increase in weight capacity. They’re durable enough to handle additional torque from bigger tires.


  • Good quality product
  • Great quality and fitment
  • Perfect for the price


  • Hardware not included

05. Explorer 53111 XJ Leaf Spring



  • Matches XJ Cherokee 1984-2001
  • Sold each
  • 3.5’’ lift height
  • Poly bushings
  • It comes with three leafs

These explorers 53111 springs provide additional ground clearance that you may require without sacrificing ride quality.

They offer smooth riding yet still perform well when subjected to off-road situations. Also, this model can add around 1-6’’ of ride height. But, it depends upon the application.

Meanwhile, explorer 53111 is compatible with OEM U-bolts when they’re in perfect condition. Installing this product is not too difficult if you know how to do it.


  • Great leafs
  • Good price
  • Perfect ride quality


  • Harsh finish

06. Rubicon RE1461 Express



  • Bushings included
  • Needs RE2705 shackle
  • Individually sold leaf springs
  • 5.5’’ lift height
  • Matches XJ Cherokee 1984-2001

Another good quality leaf spring is the Rubicon RE1461 Express. And it comes with loads of features and qualities to make it great.

One unique thing is that this model comes with rubber bushings to minimize noise transmission.


  • Fits well
  • Good buy
  • Great product


  • It gets stiff after some months

07. Pro Comp Cherokee 53111



  • Perfect for Cherokee XJ 84-01
  • 3.5’’ lift height
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Sold in pairs
  • Direct fit

First, Pro Comp 53111 springs offer extra clearance and improved drive quality.

One of the most important features is that it comes with polyurethane bushings. Thus, your vehicle won’t experience any cracks by gaining a higher rigidity.

These product leaf springs prove very robust, simple, and affordable. Even though the springs might be sturdy, their mount and bushings are not.

Pro Comp 53111 performs well by providing a compliant ride. Besides, you’ll get the desired ride height with its length. And it fits 1984-2001 XJ Jeep Cherokee perfectly.

Above all, its ride and flex quality is superb.


  • Works great
  • Perfect fitment
  • Good quality


  • Very stiff

Leaf springs consist of the primary leaf having eyes on both ends that grip bushings and shafts to the car or truck.

Many other leaves bear the pressure of your rig. Numerous options are available on how you should configure leaf springs to work effectively under your vehicle.

These parts vary much in quality, price, and performance. Anyone that buys aftermath leaf springs expects an increase in the arch.

And larger tires will fit perfectly. How you achieve that determines the ride quality and the number of delivery.

Read to learn more about the things to look out for when choosing the best one.

Types of leaf springs

Mono-leaf springs

Also known as single leaf springs, they have just one spring plate steel. When you take a look at its design, you’ll know this particular type.

Usually, it is thick at the center and shoots out towards the rear. Single leaf springs boost suspension delivery, but they don’t offer enough energy to towed vehicles.

Multi-leaf springs

These types of leaf springs are perfect for carrying heavy loads. They consist of different springs of diverse lengths. They’re packed on top of one another and give ample support and energy for managing big trailers.

Leaf spring ends

These types of springs come with top plates with rears that curve like a circle. And, they have two holes to enable you to hook onto the bottom frame of your trailer. Meanwhile, they’re perfect just for average utility duty jobs (below 7,000lbs).

Open-eye leaf springs

As the name implies, they have a single eye or open hole. And the other side comes like a hook or flat rear.

Fortunately, they’re very beneficial since you have to maintain a single mounting point. Also, they can bear light to heavy-duty loads.

Things to Consider

Noisy suspension can cause rough rides and impaired vehicles. Further, it can become a problem when towing heavy-duty goods by swaying and bouncing.

Luckily, a revolutionary invention came by to handle such issues: Leaf springs. They help in stabilizing vehicles and also provide excellent suspension for towed motors.

Moreover, they come in different varieties. So, you should know everything about it before buying the best for your car.


Buying the best one from online can help you save costs. XJ Cherokee is widely known as an affordable product because they’re not pricey. You can buy a nice one for a few bucks with minimal modifications.


Choosing the right brand determines the durability of your XJ Cherokee. There’re many of them out there, but you should know the latest trends.

Bear in mind that many companies are using different promotional tools to gain popularity. Many factors come into play when selecting a good brand, including their product and services.

Function and performance

Buyers have expectations concerning the product they’re buying. Therefore, quality leaf springs should satisfy you in terms of performance.

Go through the product features as that is what will determine its functionality.

Thin or thick leaf spring

Thin leaves spring provide additional supper rides when you compare them with thick leaves. However, thin leaf springs are prone to friction in-between each other.

To avert the problem, you need high-end spring packages to help taper the leaves t become thinner. Also, some manufacturers use Teflon pads in-between leaves to minimize friction.

Inherent friction occurs in springs when they slide against one another. To solve the problem, manufacturers use diamond-divided leaves, Teflon sliders, or Teflon paints.

Unfortunately, Teflon sliders may deteriorate, but you can replace them.

Shot-peened leaves

XJ springs that use shot-peened leaves become agile and more prone to fatigue.

Bolt clamps

One of the features to consider when buying leaf springs is the bolt clamps. Many prefer it to the regular crush design because they reduce friction.

Clamps do not allow the leaf plates to come out laterally. Springs can use bolted clamps or the ones that coil tightly around them.

Also, bolted clamps restrict movements and extra leaf separation to guard against inhibiting delivery.

Under or over the axle

Most vehicles have their leaf springs below the axle tube. On the other hand, some trucks have them mounted on top of the axle. Before, swapping springs from the axle to the top was popular.

Some cars come with leaf springs under the front and back axles. So, you have to check properly to know the one that suits you the most.


Why shackles are a determinant factor is that some XJ leaf springs require a particular one. You can find them on top of the spring (compression style) or under (tension style).

In the tension-style shackles, the spring has an extra vault for a similar ride height. There’re benefits of having them mounted at the front or rear of the spring.

Mounting the shackles in the front won’t allow the axle to move backward anytime you encounter problems on the way. Also, it increases contact pressure and climbing capabilities.

Having the shackles at the rear allow it to move backward, thereby offering a smoother ride. Endeavor to buy longer ones to enable your vehicle to get some lift.

Most importantly, shackles enable leaf springs to stretch and contract in length, likewise suspension cycles.

Type of bushings

Most times, bushings may fail for the following reasons:

  • Low-quality product
  • Improper installation
  • Reckless driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Wear and tear

Polyurethane or rubber bushings mostly come with leaf springs. These bushings could wear off anytime, so you have to check them often. If it wears out, you can replace it.

Rubber bushings are soft enough to shield the body from vibration exposures and bumps. Also, rubbers have elasticity and a tendency to offer perfect magnitude for leverage.

On the other hand, polyurethane bushings are a recent development. And it can withstand moisture, chemical and reagents, oils, petroleum, and much more.

Polyurethane bushings have superiority over rubber when it comes to hardness.

So, you can choose the one you like after reading through the explanations carefully.

WH Questions of Jeep Cherokee Xj Leaf Springs

What is the primary function of leaf springs?

A leaf spring is a type of spring that is ideal for suspension in vehicles.

What are the benefits of buying high-quality leaf springs?

There’re a few benefits that come from having a quality leaf spring for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • The suspension construction is simple and robust, serving as a link that grasps the axle in place. Thus, there is no need for a separate linkage.
  • Leaf springs manage axle damping.
  • Also, they keep up the chassis weight by making them perfect for commercialized vehicles.

Why should I choose a leaf spring?

Leaf spring comes from vast sheets of metals. Therefore, they can handle huge vertical loads. Besides, they provide a considerable level of support between vehicle chassis, wheels, and axles. And, they make them ideal for commercial vans, trucks, and trailers by supporting greater weights.

Is leaf spring good?

Yes! If you compare them to the coil springs, they tend to be sturdier. Also, they can handle much heavier weights with minimal deflection.

How do I know if my leaf springs are faulty?

If you are a truck or commercial van owner, you should expect more from your suspension.

One of the main components that enable you to handle heavy loads and tow your vehicle is leaf springs. Their design supports the XJ Cherokee suspension system.

However, you might not know the importance of your leaf spring until they stop working. Factory-installed leaf springs always come with durable materials.

Thus, it may take time before they eventually wear down. If you listen attentively to the performance of your vehicle, you will notice some wear-down signs.

Meanwhile, it is better to replace your leaf springs whenever the need arises. Below are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Leaf cracks
  • Suspension shooting out
  • Difficulty hauling and carrying weights
  • Back sagging
  • Diminished handling
  • Squeaky sounds during rides

Will adding a leaf spring to my truck increase towing ability?

If your truck undertakes difficult tasks daily, it is better to add a leaf to your existing spring.

Indeed, adding it is another means of increasing your load and hauling capabilities. Also, it will raise your truck and give it more strength and carrying capacity.

How can I install leaf springs on my XJ Cherokee?

Leaf spring is an integral part of the vehicle suspension system. As such, it is ideal for you to learn how to install it.

Their primary function is to support the weight of a car. Replacing them is perfect if the part is deteriorating.

Follow the steps below and learn how to install leaf springs.

Step 1: Getting prepared

Before installing any, get your old suspension ready. You can get it ready three days before removing the old ones.

Since the old ones may rust, be careful while bringing them out to avoid damaging other parts.

To get the old suspension ready, soak the nuts, bolts, and brackets inside the oil. Thus, it will loosen the springs, thereby making removal hassle-free.

Step 2: Raise the Car

When you finish preparing the leaf springs, and it is time for installation, raise the back vehicle. After that, remove the tires and carry it 3 inches off the floor.

Keep a jack stand on any side of the car almost one foot in front of the back tire. Bring down the floor-jack a bit by using it to support the back axle. Then, keep it beneath the back axle gear storage.

Step 3: Remove springs

Next, start removing the old leaf springs. Unscrew the nuts and bolts and keep the U-bolts by the side.

Remove the eyelet bolts from the bushings first before the leaf spring. Now bring out the old leaf spring carefully.

Step 4: Fix the eye-bolts

To attach the eye-bolts, first keep the leaf spring in the right place. After that, fix the ascending bolts and retainer nuts at both ends.

That will help fasten the spring to the pegs. Endeavor not to use old nuts and bolts because they could wear out.

Step 5: Fix the U-bolt

Try and tighten your mounting bolts to get them secured. Next, keep the U-bolt brackets close to the leaf spring and back axle. Most importantly, ensure that the bolts are secure and tight.

Step 6: Lower vehicle

After installing your leaf spring, remove the ground jacks, and bring down the car. With the steps above, it is easy to install a leaf spring.


Meanwhile, it is not a new thing for Jeep Cherokee owners to ride into rough territory. And this is the reason you bought the car in the first place.

To intensify your suspension and get a higher degree of performance, check your leaf springs.

Their purpose is to offer support for your XJ Jeep Cherokee. You can use them to track the axle and check the height at which your vehicle operates.

With detailed information about leaf springs, choosing the best will be easy after all.

However, it does not matter where your leaf spring is because different options exist. They can fit into your budget and vehicle model if you know the right one.

If you are looking for the best that has riding quality and delivery, buy a high-quality one.

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