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How to Install Side Steps on Jeep Wrangler- An Expert Guide!

There is an intellect for customizing your gear and upgrading its essential components for those who own Jeep Wrangler.

Jeeps are rough vehicles; however, they can accede to the pressure of endless thrashings when you hit the path hard.

One of the most incredible ways is to be well aware of how to install side steps on Jeep Wrangler when you go off the road.

Besides, these side steps carry a knock-out task of safeguarding against side impacts and are available in varied features such as colors, finishes, sizes, non-skid pads, etc.

“Likewise, you have to install aftermarket parts for optimum performance and taking your Jeep Wrangler to the next level. Hence, one of the optimal ways is to put side steps.”

Generally, these are available in two varieties: a solid built-up with powder coating and a heavy-duty tubular construction embedded with welded design.

What are Side Steps?

Having side steps in place will get into and out of your vehicle with greater ease. Get the best side steps for Jeep Wrangler to ease out climbing your Jeep if it becomes problematic. Side steps lie under each door of the vehicle where people can step their feet.

Though, not all kinds of side steps are ultimate for you. It is you who should decide about the function to be served by them.

Side steps can safeguard your Jeep if you go off-road and give you a way to get into a Jeep without any hassle. Moreover, this is exclusively useful if you have lifted your ride.

Some side steps are fixed, while others are foldable. Simultaneously, you should know how to install side steps on Jeep Wrangler while going on an off-road tour. Apart from that, it is a way into your vehicle and not as protection.

How to Install?

Numerous Jeep side steps are being crafted. However, some automotive makers have established their footprints in the market by manufacturing high-quality side steps that stand apart from the crowd.

Mostly, it is easier for car owners to install the side steps on their own. The compendium should comprise the instructions of the entire installation process of the side steps with the help of essential tools.

Yet, some products are not embedded with tools, such as nuts and bolts. These hardware tools are essential and one is not able to install the boards in their absence.

Jeep Wrangler owners have a preference for installing side steps. Installation is relatively easy because the jeeps are already furnished with holes in the body where steps can be mounted easily.

Side steps made up of stainless steel can add to the look of your Jeep. The instructions mentioned below will shed light on the installation process:

  • To install the side steps, collect and check all the materials. Apart from the instructions, the installation set should include side steps, nuts, bolts, plastic covers, brackets, etc.
  • Commence the process by lying down underneath your driver’s side door and finding the two pre-drilled holes behind the front tire. Likewise, these are the pre-drilled holes in the body of the truck to install side steps. Besides, the width of the holes is an inch and a piece of tape will cover it.
  • Take out the tape from the holes and place the screw and nut plate from your installation kit in the holes uncovered by you. Also, constrict the plastic retainer to the screw plate until it is locked. Carry out a similar process for both holes at the front of the driver’s side.
  • Combine the mounting bracket to the screw plates from the driver’s side that you installed using hardware from your installation kit. Do not spin this hardware down yet.
  • Line up the second screw from the vehicle’s front with the rocker panel hole and mounting bracket slot. Attach the bolt, lock washer and washer, but do not rotate this down tight yet.
  • Confiscate the frame mounted bolt and fasten the support bracket between the mount and the assembly. The body mount bolt is placed right overhead if you lie under your truck looking at the two screw plates installed by you earlier.
  • If you have a quad cab, do away with the tape from the last hole situated at the back of the passenger door of the driver’s side. Besides, uncover the last hole at the rear of the driver’s side door if you have a regular cab. Install the screw plate and make the retainer tighter until it is protected.
  • Fasten the rear mounting bracket and line up the bracket’s lower hole with the screw plate and safeguard. Attach the side step bars to the brackets and secure them with the bolts and washers from your installation kit. Afterward, spin all bolts as per the conditions of your instructions when you are contented that everything is being lined up consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are side steps designed for all models of trucks?

Yes, all trucks can have side steps. However, these are explicitly designed for the specific model. Side steps are not familiar to all trucks and even not for all brands of cars.

This means there should be various side steps for different models of Jeep Wrangler in line with them.

Do side steps have any cons?

Shortcomings of side steps can be subduing by selecting quality products. These have an inadequate capacity of weight and cannot resist heavyweights.

Nevertheless, many products available in the market can accept heavyweights. On the other hand, very light side steps are not rigid and cannot last for a more extended period.

Can I get side steps for my Jeep Wrangler?

Side steps have countless advantages. At the same time, these can be a significant asset but are not an indispensable part of the car.

Jeep Wrangler owners should consider buying one of those which offer more incredible benefits.

  • The first benefit is the ease of going in and coming out of the car. Even those passengers who do not have problems climbing high vehicles may help others.
  • These steps safeguard the sides of the vehicle. Jeep Wranglers have a durable front bumper in place to shield the front of the car. Hence, having those sidebars will balance the guard of the car from all sides.
  • Counting to the pros, side steps can perform as doormats for the car. In the rainy season or snowy conditions, the anti-slipping area will help clean the shoes before getting into the car. A similar thing applies in the case of dust. Usually, side steps can gather any dirt, dust, and other impurities from the shoes.
  • Last but not least, some people will only get side steps to enhance the car’s overall appearance. For Jeep Wranglers, these side steps will add attraction to the eye-catching body of the vehicle. In addition to this, they make the car appear nearer to the ground, which adds to its artistic appearance.

Wrap Up

Side steps are essential for Jeep Wranglers and other high-end vehicles. These are excellent upgrades to be considered for the Jeep Wrangler.

Additionally, these will enhance the look of the vehicle and assist in other functions as well.

We hope this guide will help you. Furthermore, it has all the information any Jeep Wrangler owner should know about side steps.

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