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Jeep Wrangler Ignition Coil Problems: A Perfect Guide [2022]

Your jeep wrangler is precious to you. So you need to take care of it when it is not performing as intended. One problematic issue of the jeep wrangler is jeep wrangler ignition coil problems. This might be due to the bad coils.

Moreover, you cannot drive your jeep wrangler with a bad coil pack. However, it might run in very poor driving conditions. Further, they will become even worse with time as they fail to fire up the spark plugs.

Your vehicle’s coil pack is in the place of the distributor and the coil in old model vehicles. These coil packs get ordered from the engine with the help of a computer inside your vehicle. The coil pack fires the spark plugs when the instructions are sent to them.

Moreover, you should notice that a bad coil pack has the same symptom as a failing spark plug. Therefore, you should also keep an eye on the spark plug too. Moreover, spark plugs are expensive. You need to burn a lot of your cash from your wallet if you have to change all the coil packs and the spark plugs.

Let me know the symptoms of a bad coil pack along with jeep wrangler ignition coil problems.

Some Symptoms Of Poor Coil Pack

There are tons of symptoms of a bad coil pack in your jeep wrangler. However, we recommend you use the OBDII scanner to diagnose your jeep wrangler’s problem. Moreover, it will make your troubleshooting process easy.

Moreover, you can also take your vehicle to the local parts shop. They will do the work for you for free hopefully.

The Check Engine Light

This is the most common symptom of a poor coil pack. Moreover, the computer inside the engine will be able to diagnose the poor coil pack in the jeep wrangler. However, there are tons of misfires that are related to the trouble code.

  • P0300— Your vehicle is suffering from some random misfire. This is the trouble code to indicate that. Moreover, random misfire means that either your vehicle ECM is failing to identify the location from which it is coming or those misfires are happening just randomly.
  • P0301 to P0312— these codes indicate that your vehicle has a misfire in a specified cylinder.

These are some of the misfire codes. However, there are many more codes. You need to google them to know more about the misfire codes.

Abnormal Acceleration

Your ignition system responds as you hit the gas pedal of your jeep wrangler. However, you can feel any loss in acceleration. Moreover, it depends on your Jeep Wrangler.

If your jeep wrangler has more cylinders, the effect of not firing up will be less. However, if your jeep wrangler has fewer cylinders, the effect of not firing up will be more.

Further, your Jeep Wrangler might have more than one coil pack damaged. For that, your jeep wrangler will have even poorer acceleration. Moreover, you might also experience turbulence inside your car. The car will shake often due to the lack of spark and fire. This is one of the reasons for jeep ignition coil problems.

Fuel Economy

Your jeep wrangler’s combustion engine might be more or less efficient. A more efficient engine will burn less fuel. A less efficient engine will burn more fuel.

However, if your combustion is efficient, but you are getting less fuel Economy, you need to check it with a car mechanic. Moreover, you should check the ignition system along with the coil packs. This is another reason for jeep ignition coil problems.

Random Misfire

This is one of the most common signs of a bad coil pack. Moreover, anything that you might experience is due to misfiring. However, why is your car misfiring? There are tons of more complicated systems in your jeep wrangler.

The coil packs are just one of them. Moreover, there are spark plugs along with the plug wires too. Moreover, ignition might not be the only reason for the misfire. Fuel pressure, poor fuel injectors, and faulty timing belts might be some of the other reasons too. This is one of the prime reasons for jeep ignition coil problems.

Moreover, we recommend you test for the trouble codes to distinguish the misfiring reasons.

Inconsistent Idling

The problem of faulty spark plugs misfiring is called idle speed. Moreover, you can easily detect the problem when your car engine runs slower. Further, you will also experience rough jerking inside the car cabin.

So, how can we fix ignition coil problems?

The Troubleshooting Process

You need to follow the factory diagnostic and fixing procedure. The steps are given below.

  • Take a look at the serpentine belt and the engine-related accessories. Further, those are the Ac compressor, the water pump, and the power steering pump. These undergo wear and tear all over time. Moreover, you should also look for any misaligned pulley.
  • Take a look at the PCM. Check if it has any corroded ground or even the power circuits.
  • Your jeep wrangler might suffer from improper mounting and the wiring lines of the CKP, CPS, MAP.
  • Check if there are any vacuum leaks.
  • Check the PCV System.

You need to replace or fix any of the above faulty parts of your jeep wrangler. This will more or less troubleshoot your misfiring problem. This was all about the jeep ignition coil problems.


The Jeep Wrangler is a very reliable vehicle. However, all vehicles need maintenance. Now, you know the jeep ignition coil problems. There are multiple steps to identify the ignition coil problem.

The check engine light is one of the main identifying ways. There are several indicators and warning codes. You should look for those warning codes and identify the specific fault.

Moreover, coil packs are one of the prime reasons for engine misfires. They do not let the spark plugs fire up. Your vehicle experiences a loss in speed or even ignition fail sometimes. Further, you might also need to change the spark plugs themselves. Sometimes, the spark plugs get burnt. This leads to poor ignition start and car stopping in the middle of the road. You need to change them for your car to function properly again.

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