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10 Best Tonneau Cover for Honda Ridgeline: Review Guide 2022

If you are searching for a reliable tonneau cover for your Honda truck, then this guide is for you. The best tonneau cover for Honda Ridgeline will not only protect it from elements but also thieves. In addition, the best cover should suit your tastes and preferences and be sturdy and durable. Above all, it should be an economical product that will give you value for your money. Besides, a tonneau cover for your Honda should be easy to attach and detach.

To assist you, we have created a product review with 10 tonneau covers. Certainly, we have considered different factors before deciding that these are the best. Without a doubt, customer reviews, features, and price are some of the top factors we have considered. Thus, you will read about each item’s features, specifications, performance, and pros and cons.  Without wasting time, here are the top 10 tonneau covers for your Honda Ridgeline.

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Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover for Honda Ridgeline

We are suggesting these ten best tonneau covers for your favorite car. They are all quality products and will give you maximum performance.

01.  Extang Trifecta 92825 Folding Truck Bed Cover


Product Features

  • Fits 2006 – 2015 Ridgeline 5’
  • Easy to install and use
  • EZ-lock clamps
  • Long-lasting Tarp Cover
  • Folding and fully assembled
  • Extang Engineered
  • Weather-resistant.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Extang
  • Model: 92825
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Dimensions: 66 x 29 x 5”.

Product Description and Performance

There is a reason why everyone seems to like the Trifecta Folding tonneau cover. First, it is a beautiful and sleek cover that will appear smooth and well-contoured when you install it. Second, the tarp’s construction with a hardwearing, leather-grained fabric means one thing. It is durable and stylish. Moreover, the tarp has a corner tuck system for increasing tension. Additionally, the cover now includes a redefined frame complete with hinges and corners.

All these combined increase structural strengths. More to the point, the new Max hinges have a rugged, double-pivot design. Equally important is the fact that the frame’s construction material is lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. Also, the exclusive snap on the seals removes adhesive. It also stays intact to keep the truck bed away from weather elements. The Extang-engineered cab clamps can attach to the bed flanges without damaging them.

“We love how easily you can attach and detach this tonneau cover depending on your needs. However, the maker should have provided clearer installation instructions for Honda 2019”

Also, you don’t need to alter your bed caps. The EZ-lock clamps are easy to operate as they lock themselves in position when you attach them to the bed flange. These are for extra security. Since the maker provides instructions to follow when installing this cover, you should relax.


  • Heavy-duty construction materials
  • Comes pre-assembled, making it easy to install
  • Covers a wide range of Honda Ridgelines
  • Beautiful and stylish design.


  • No clear instructions for Honda 2019.


The Extang Trifecta is a must-have Tonneau cover for your Honda Ridgeline. The folding design makes it easier to access your truck bed and close it whenever you don’t need anything.  Moreover, this cover is gorgeous and stylish and will resist weather elements. Hence, is immaculate, sturdy, and durable, and we recommend it to you.

02. Truxedo Lo Pro Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 520601


Product Features

  • For 2005 to 2016 Honda Ridgeline
  • A Leather grained vinyl cover,
  • Made of aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • No drill, easy installation
  • Low profile design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance cover.

Product specifications

  • Brand: TruXedo
  • Model: 520601
  • Weight:8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 79 x 10 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

One likable thing about this product is the low-profile design. Thus, it will look great on any Honda Ridgeline with a bed of around sixty inches. What is more, this is the best-selling tonneau cover in the whole of North America because of many things. First, the construction material is leather-grained vinyl, which is sturdy and weather-resistant.

Next, Tuxedo Lo Pro is a superior cover featuring aircraft-grade aluminum bows. These can withstand bad winter weather. Moreover, it rests 3/4inches above the truck bed; simply roll it up over the bed and mount it inside the rails. Additionally, the cover provides two stake pocket holes that you can use with extra accessories. In less than 30 minutes you can finish installing this cover as you do not need to drill anything. Instead, you should clamp the rails onto the truck bed and then attach the cover.

“It is wonderful that this tonneau cover fits just ¾ inches above your truck bed and is fit for several Honda Ridgelines. Also, it is the easiest to install because of the no-drill clamp rails. But, we wish they can discount the price a little.”

Next, roll the cover and start moving. The Lo Pro comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you can ask for replacement parts from the manufacturer.


  • A spring tensioner that adjusts when it gets too hot or cold
  • It is easy to install and use cover
  • Weather-proof
  • Durable construction materials.


  • Poor constructions could cause leakage.


The Tuxedo tonneau cover is stylish, gorgeous, easy to install, and hardwearing. It also comes with a spring tensioner that can adjust it based on current weather conditions. Lastly, this cover is affordable and easy to maintain and you should buy it.


03. BAK  BAKFlip MX4, 448602 Honda Ridgeline Truck Bed Cover


Product Features

  • Reliable and strong
  • Stylish with an aluminum finish
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Full access to the Truck Bed

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bak
  • Model: 448602
  • Weight: 71 pounds
  • Dimensions: 99 x 9.99 x 9.99 inches.

Product Description and Performance

BAK BAKFlip is a beautiful and stylish tonneau cover for Honda Ridge. It is the best tonneau cover if you want adequate cargo security. What is more, the cover is reliable and sturdy enough to resist weather elements. If you love the matte finish, then this is the right cover because it has a textured matte finish.  More to the point, it is a no-profile cover with a sleek, durable design.

Also, the cover can resist tears and scratches, and it does not fade easily due to UV light exposure. Hence, it is likely to maintain its sheen for a long time.

“This cover enables easy bed access when it is installed and that’s a bonus point. Nevertheless, you’ve got to read the installation guide carefully. It is hard to comprehend, so you might need someone to intervene.”

In addition to being versatile, this tonneau cover is the safest around. As long as you install it properly it cannot leak.  What’s more, it drains out the rainwater with drain tubes, which is great. Above all, it has perimeter seals for preventing leakage when it rains.


  • It does not leak
  • It has a sleek design and robust build
  • The cover boasts a textured matte finish
  • Highly protective.


  • The instruction guide is relatively hard to comprehend.


This is a good tonneau cover for your Honda Ridgeline if you are always outdoors and your area rains a lot. It is strictly leak-resistant, sturdy, and durable.

04. Rugged Liner E-Series E3-HRL05 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Product Features

  • Can resist tears
  • Has dual tailgate latches
  • Comes preassembled
  • Made of vinyl and aluminum
  • Overlapping dual seal

Product specifications

  • Model: E3-HRL05
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 63 x 24 x 5 inches.

Product Description and Performance

If you want the best one, then the Rugged Liner series could be the best. First, the construction materials are hardwearing and elegant. To start, Vinyl is not only tear-resistant but also weather-proof and durable. Next is aluminum, which has good properties. Surrounding aluminum is a seal that will help keep the cover tight and safe from leaks. In addition, the overlapping dust seal will prevent the entry of dust and water.

Also, this Honda Ridgeline cover can be fully open or 1/3 open. It all depends on how you want to use it. Whenever you want to keep it open, use fastening straps. Besides, this cover is the easiest to install and operate. In a matter of minutes, you will finish installing or uninstalling.

“The dual tailgate latches will keep the tonneau cover so tight that it will not leak. Nonetheless, if you fail to use the seal correctly the cover might leak.”

Lastly, the most important thing is that this item will protect your possessions from thieves and weather elements.


  • Simple to install and operate
  • Dual tailgate simplifies opening and closing
  • Added seals to prevent leaks
  • Vinyl and aluminum are durable and nice-looking.


  • Some people find it hard to install seals and then complain of leaks.


This tonneau cover is easy to install because it’s preassembled and is easy to operate. It is also durable and easy to maintain. Above and beyond, it comes with additional seals to prevent leakage. Hence, if you can install the seals tightly and correctly, this can be the best tonneau for Honda Ridgeline.

05. Tonno Pro Cover


Product Features

  • Durable vinyl fabric
  • Already assembled for you
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • A tri-fold design
  • Installation guide

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Tonno Pro
  • Model: 42-516
  • Weight:26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 74 x 30 x 5 inches.

Product Description and Performance

The Tonno cover is a hardwearing cover that will last long. Both aluminum and vinyl materials are durable and can resist bad weather conditions.  Certainly, the vinyl top’s double sides can enhance the efficiency of the whole thing. Besides, you will love the tri-fold design just as much as we do. It means that you can personalize this cover until you attain a perfect fit.

Additionally, you can install and remove the cover quickly, which makes it convenient. The preassembled design means less work for you. As you search for the best, you will like the one that can resist tears. Hence, you can pick this one because it will resist scratches and last long.

“Tonno cover fits tightly and doesn’t sag even if you drive fast. That’s a plus and we applaud the manufacturer. However, the rear-holding levers should have been made well. They don’t tighten the cover properly and so it can leak.”


  • Easy to install
  • It will fit a Honda Ridgeline tightly
  • A preassembled cover
  • Vinyl is weather-proof and durable.
  • Vinyl is weather-proof and durable.


  • Rear-holding levers don’t provide a tight seal, allowing leaks.


According to us, this cover can offer value for your money if you buy it. It is easy to install and above all looks lovely and stylish. It has no many weaknesses, which explains our positive opinion on it.

06. Undercover Flex, FX8100, Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Product Features 

  • Allows total access to the truck bed
  • The Tailgate seal is dual-action
  • The design is low profile.

Product Specifications 

  • Manufacturer: Flex
  • Brand: Undercover 
  • Weight: 70lbs
  • Dimensions: 32 x 82 x 8 inches

Product Description and Performance

The Flex cover will ensure that no one can see what you are carrying in the truck. There is no need for the neighbors to know your business.  In doing so, you give protection to the items from the elements. Ensuring protection from the weather is important. Firstly, you don’t want items to get wet, and secondly, you don’t want the sun to damage them.

Using the cover is easy and sensible as a result of it being designed to protect your truck and cargo. Additionally, aluminum panels are long-lasting and work well in all weather. Leakages will not be a problem as the automatic latching system prevents water ingress. Furthermore, total access to the truck bed is possible and you can raise and lower the cover quickly. In other words, the multiple pull handles fitted are smooth and make your job easier.

Some truck covers require you to move them before shutting the tailgate. Here there is no need to do this, so it saves time when loading or unloading.

As the cover can be lifted from either side of the vehicle, loading is easier. There is a functional flex in place that allows this to happen.

“This cover is black and lovely and has some nice features for better functionality. Nevertheless, it does not leave enough room for the rubber seal to enable the last section to close well. The manufacturer did a good job, yes, but this small problem ruins the design”


  • Classing it as a flashy design is not accurate, but is functional
  • The black finish looks good due to being glossy
  • Easy to open and close thanks to flex functionality.


  • Can be difficult to shut the final section on some models.


According to us, this could be the best tonneau cover considering your requirements. It is not a flashy cover but does what you bought it to do.


07. Bak BakFlip 226601 Tonneau Cover


Product Features 

  • Basic but useful design
  • The buckle system has been integrated
  • Total access to the truck bed is available
  • The latching system is automatic

Product Specifications 

  • Brand: Bak
  • Model:226601
  • Weight: 71 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8 x 68 x 23 inches

Product Description and Performance

Here you have a Bak tonneau that is going to do what you want and not rely on its looks. Also, it is more functional and less stylish. Lying correctly on the truck, it does not protrude over the top and fits as you would expect. Furthermore, you can select how you want it to lie and select the position from several options. This comes about as a result of an integrated buckle system being in place.

Deciding that this is the best tonneau cover will be easy.

Firstly, you could choose to fold over the cover. Secondly, you could keep the cover completely closed, and finally, you could flip it open. Additionally, you can open the tailgate even when the cover is still closed. This comes about as a result of a functional tailgate that has a dual-action. Consequently, the cover will close smoothly and gently, and you will save time when packing or unpacking.

“This is a good product and we like it a lot. However, if you encounter a problem with it and contact BAK, you might not get any response for days. We wish the company could enhance its customer support.”

Rain is not going to cause problems as there are connected tubes and they will immediately drain it away. Driving in the rain won’t be an issue as the perimeter seals make sure your contents are dry. Protection from the sun is also included and there will not be damage from UV rays.


  • Close fit prevents the cover from sticking up over the truck bed
  • Has an integrated buckle system
  • The cover protects the contents from weather elements.


  • Over some time, there can be a problem surrounding the aluminum.


It seems that many people are happy with this cover from Bak. And why would they not? It is easy to install, looks stylish, and does the job just fine. Unless an issue that requires customer support service arises, you will love it.

08. GatorTrax MX G80841 Cover


Product Features 

  • Safe and secure
  • Slats are made from tough aluminum
  • Design is not over the top
  • The finish is matte black and looks stylish
  • Cover locks in the position you want them to.

Product Specifications 

  • Brand: Gator Covers
  • Model: n/a
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Dimension: 70 x 16 x 14 inches.

Product Description and Performance

Firstly, due to the flexibility of this cover, there is easy access to any of the rails. Whatever part you want to view will be easy to reach. An ideal outcome of this is the fact that it can repel water more and this makes it more effective than some other brands. Due to being matte, it is one of the more durable covers and this will be an advantage in all weathers. In addition, it is the powder coating that makes it so resistant to the harshness of nature. Moreover, it is protected from UV rays.

As well, carrying heavy loads is not going to be an issue. Due to the presence of aluminum slats, it is possible to transport loads of up to 500 lbs. It is so durable it will not need replacing due to damage and there would be no other reason to change it. Likewise, the cover does not have to stay in one place but can be set wherever you want. Hence, consider this when shopping around for the best.

“It has adorable quality and appearance. Nevertheless, some users may find it hard to install alone and this can be inconvenient in some situations. If you want to buy it, keep this point in mind.”

Furthermore, the installation will not require the purchase or the use of any special tools. As a result, half an hour is all you should need to complete the job if you can understand the instructions. Also, if you have a screwdriver, you will be fine. The clampdown system is certainly responsible for the ease of use and the ball bearings also play their part. Opening and closing will be trouble-free as it will just slide into the position you want.


  • Installation is not very difficult
  • Leaks will be kept to a minimum thanks to the fact there are neoprene compression gaskets.
  • It is all-weather and does not need any additional treatment.


  • Installation can be a 2-person job despite it not being difficult.


If you can get someone to help you install this tonneau cover, it can be the best item to buy. We would recommend buying it if you will not be removing and detaching the cover often. Other than the little difficulty you face when installing, this cover is an excellent pick.

09. North Mountain Tonneau – 2017 Honda Ridgeline


Product Features

  • Surface design is flush
  • There is total access to the bed
  • The rear seal ensures the cover is 100% sealed
  • It is made from marine-grade vinyl
  • Produced to ensure that it is a perfect fit
  • Whenever operating it moves up and down with ease
  • Little or no intrusion into the space of the bed.

Product Specification 

  • Brand: North Mountain
  • Model: A80034-1269
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimension: 9 x 7.48 x 7.09 inches.

Product Description and Performance

This is the cover to select if you are hoping to find the best. It has a classy design that will resonate with many owners. On top of the good looks, there is also a saving to make when it comes to gas.  A combination of aluminum with the thick vinyl tarp works well, and as a result, it is clear why it is so long-lasting. The tarp being double-sided makes it even better and it also does not lose function when the weather becomes cold.

In a consequence of the cover fitting flush to the truck, there will not be a collection of rainwater. It makes it easy for the rainwater to clear and run down the truck. To demonstrate further how the design complements the function, it is easy to move when loading or unloading is taking place. To illustrate, just roll it up or down and then roll it back again as required.

“The NorthMountain cover is great in many ways. But, there are complaints that the instructions for installation are vague and lack some necessary details. You, therefore, have to do trial and error when applying the cover.”

In the hope that there will be noticeable durability, there are OEM stitches in place. As they are tear-resistant, there is no need to load or unload with kid gloves. You can thank the nylon thread for this as they selected it due to being able to cope with all of the elements.


  • Does not take long to install and it is not difficult to do
  • There will never be puddles of water building up
  • It is an all-weather cover and the tough material does not damage easy
  • Designed to make sure that it is a perfect fit.


  • It’s a good job it is easy to fit as the instructions can be a little confusing.


When looking for the best cover for Honda Ridgeline, you want it to be easy to install, inexpensive, easy to detach, and free from leaks. North Mountain tonneau cover can offer you all this and more. That’s why you need it.

10. Honda Hard Tonneau Cover


Product Features

  • Easy to both open and close
  • Strong and secure so damage is unlikely to occur
  • Tailgate is dual-action
  • The trifold design allows easy access.

Product Specifications 

  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: Honda
  • Weight: 59lbs
  • Dimension: 70.29 x 28.01 x 7.01 inches.

Product Description and Performance

If you only want genuine product for your Honda, then this could be the product for you. Despite being a genuine product, it is still a good deal as it is well-priced. Furthermore, it is easy to install, and this will ensure that whatever you are transporting is kept covered.  Therefore, the elements will never be a threat to your cargo.

Indeed, it is very unlikely that it will take you more than half an hour to fit it into the truck. It is however quite heavy so you may need someone else helping hand. It can fit the 2017 and 2018 Hondas, but some people think it is suitable for the 2019 models as well. With this in mind, there is no need to consider using a generic model as you get all you need with the real deal.

“As well as being protective, this cover is easy to use. There is no need for the rails to be undone to open the trunk, you can access it anyway. Nevertheless, where both seams fold up leaks when it is raining and this is not good”

Consequently, this saves time when loading or unloading. A further design that has made access to the truck easy is the trifold design. The only flaw if you can call it that is that when the cover is closed the trunk only partially opens.


  • Suitable for all models of Honda produced in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • The trunk can be easily accessed thanks to the trifold design
  • Durable and weatherproof.


  • There have been certain times when the cover has leaked.


We love the material which is resistant to all weather and you will too. You should manage to refrain from replacing this cover for some time. When looking for the best tonneau cover, this could be the product you are looking for.

Buying Guide

To make sure that you get the correct best tonneau cover for the Honda Ridgeline, you need to consider several things. First, you should consider what is important and then work through the reviews. You will see which most matches your needs.


This is easy to check and also the most important element when deciding. You may cope with some issues, but if it did not fit that would be the end of it.


Choosing the correct one can extend the life of the cover. When aluminum is included, it is going to be long-lasting as will strong durable material.


As with most things, it is a good idea to get the best that you can afford. And when looking for the best tonneau cover for Honda ridgeline, this is no different. Without a doubt, the vehicle you own will limit you but after that, it will depend on what it will be used for.


As with many things, top brands get to be top brands by being the best. Thus, if you have heard good things about cheaper versions, then research them a little more. It could be well worth it.

The Climate 

Climate is particularly important when choosing a cover. Hence, when conditions in your area are harsh, you need one to deal with wind, rain, and snow. In a sunny area, you want protection from UV rays and a fade-resistant product.

Ease of Maintenance 

Finally, you want to fit in and forget. You don’t want to have to carry out maintenance too often and certainly not pay for repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tonneau cover? 

When you want to protect whatever you are transporting in the bed of your truck, you use this.  As well as fitting onto the truck, it will protect your goods.

Is a truck tonneau cover worth having? 

If you want to protect your goods on the truck, then yes. First, it is safe from the weather and the others don’t know what you are transporting.

Which cover is the better one, soft or hardcover? 

Both have good points, and it depends on your needs. Therefore, you can buy soft covers as they are cheaper and easy to fit. They will not so secure though. On other hand, you should get hardcovers if you don’t mind paying a high price for a more secure product.

Can I save on gas? 

In conjunction with good driving, it will save on gas. It could be up to 6%.

Are expensive covers worth it? 

Mainly yes, as long as you can afford it. If not, you are likely to get a cheaper one that will work for you


Now you have details of all the covers. Hopefully, you will end up selecting the right one. As long as you know what is important to you, it should be easy to do.

Although all needs will be different, there should be a vehicle that is going to be fit for its purpose. While many things will be optional, ensuring the cover is suitable for the year of manufacture will be vital.

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