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10 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger in 2022

Shock absorbers or shocks are part and parcel of the suspension system of any car. They support the car and provide stability, especially on acceleration. Moreover, they absorb shocks and prevent car shakes on road bumps. For Ford Ranger, this vehicle is normally hard to handle. Thus, very high-quality shock absorbers are a must for these vehicles.

Ford Ranger drivers need to replace their shock absorbers now and then. Considering a new set of shock absorbers now? Then, check the below list of the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger.

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Top 10 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger in 2022

Replacement shocks are crucial parts of your favorite vehicle. You will find here the best shocks for your car. We selected them after scrutinizing their performance, customer satisfaction, and price in the market.

01. Gabriel 43167 Shocks



  • Spring technology
  • DOM tubing
  • The piston rod has a chrome finish
  • Piston sealing for leak prevention
  • 500 pounds load capacity

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Gabriel
  • Model – 43167
  • Product dimensions – 26.62 x 7 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight – 15 pounds

Speaking about the replacement shocks, Gabriel shocks should be mentioned. These shocks have all that it takes to handle Ford Rangers on different road conditions. Moreover, they are suitable for different trucks with different hauling capacities.

“With the shock and spring features, they will absorb shocks to the maximum. Also, the spring technology will maintain the height of the vehicle in different conditions.”

The shock absorbers come either as rear shocks only or rear and front ones. Both the front and rear coil springs are different to provide different functions. The front ones move at a constant rate. Thus, improving the stability and keeping the ride height constant. On the other hand, the rear coils move at a variable rate. So, they provide better handling of heavyweights.

Coming to the piston rod, it has a chrome finish that resists corrosion. Further, the sealing will prevent leaks and maintain the needed lubrication. Finally, Gabriel shock absorbers are D.O.M. (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) processed. This process ensures no excess weld imperfections remain on the tube. So, there is no friction from unsmooth surfaces and the product lasts for a long time. In brief, Gabriel assist shocks are economical replacement shocks for heavy lifting trucks.


  • Maintain the ride height
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Long-lasting product


  • Shorter than OEM shock absorbers


02. Rancho RS5000X



  • Rebound valving system
  • Gas-charged
  • Double-welded loops
  • Self-lubricating sealing
  • Twin-tube design

Product Specifications

  • Brand – GoRancho
  • Model – RS5000X
  • Product dimensions – not available
  • Weight – 25 pounds

Coming in a set of four shock absorbers, Rancho is a good quality product to rely on for Ford Ranger. Rancho shock absorbers have a significant effect on ride controlling and road bumps handling that Ford Ranger rider can feel instantly.

“When installing these shock absorbers, the car will get from 1 to 2 inches lift above the road. Thus, it performs better on difficult highways.”

With these shocks, Ford Ranger will perfectly move on road imperfections with no bouncing issues. Also, the ride will be more comfortable and smoother.

Installing those shock absorbers is straightforward. Furthermore, it features a twin-tube design which reduces the mixture of air and oil. This leads to longer times of use as the shocks won’t fade easily. Also, the gas pressurization feature enhances the springing of the truck. All of these features combine offering better handling and controlling of the car even on acceleration.

Moving to the outer layer of the shocks, it is high-quality metal. It is also painted for extra protection against corrosion. In addition, there is no folding to reduce friction. One last thing to mention about the Rancho shock set is the rebound valving system. With this system, the valves have more compression for better vehicle performance on road bumps.


  • Suitable for different vehicles
  • Come with rubber protective boots
  • Increase ride height


  • Protective boots don’t intact well

03. Sensen 2282-FS Shock



  • Nitrogen gas-charged
  • Twin-tube design
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Calibrated to original ride height

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Sensen
  • Model – 2282-FS
  • Product dimensions – 23.75 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Weight – 12 pounds

Sensen shock absorbers are suitable for Ford Ranger models from 1998 to 2011. They offer one of the highest levels of control over the ride.

“Featuring a twin-tube design, the air and oil are always separated providing overall better performance.”  

In addition, these shocks use nitrogen gas for recharging. So, the high pressure of this gas maintains the ride height.”

For safety concerns, Sensen follows certain standards when manufacturing shock absorbers. As they are an essential part of the car’s suspension system, they should be of the most durable material.

Also, they should last for a long time without the need to change every few miles. Sensen shock absorbers are similar to OE parts with the same quality and features.

Adding to the safety features, the shock absorbers are calibrated to the original ride height. So, any Ford Ranger with these shocks looks like the ones with original shocks. Moreover, the original ride height is the safest on slippery roads and difficult terrains. Hence, if you are looking for a safe and controlled ride, Sensen shock absorbers are the number one choice.

Not to forget that Sensen shock absorbers come with the struts. Yet, they don’t come with any other hardware or additional parts.


  • Comes with struts
  • Resembles OEM shock absorbers
  • Offer safe ride


  • Doesn’t include any hardware

04. Maxorber Shocks Struts



  • Nitrogen gas-charged
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Teflon coated piston
  • Sleeves to close piston to cylinder
  • Oil sealing

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Maxorber
  • Model – shocks struts set
  • Product dimensions – 18.5 x 8.2 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight – 16.76 pounds

Coming in a full set of four absorbers or two pairs, Maxorber is a good option for those looking for quality. Ford Ranger drivers can either replace their front or rear shock absorbers. However, the best option is always to change both to get the best result.

“Maxorber shock absorbers ensure the best performance as they charge with high-pressure nitrogen gas. Also, the hydraulic fluid inside has different viscosity levels.”

Another significant feature of these absorbers is the chrome piston rod. The chrome coat makes them more durable and resistant to corrosion. In addition, another layer of Teflon coat reduces friction and offers perfect sealing.

Nevertheless, when installing these shock absorbers, no noise is heard thanks to their seamless construction. They also work in different weather conditions as the material can withstand.

Maxorber set includes struts but no mounts or springs. The struts give more control over your car and reduce bouncing on bumps. Also, they ensure the wheels are all aligned giving better handling. Last but not least, the piston and cylinder close together tightly with no possibility of leaking. This is due to the sleeves which close the piston and cylinder together preventing their split.


  • High-quality material
  • No squeaking noise
  • Easy installation


  • Short when fully extended
  • No hardware for installing


05. Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop



  • Oversized internal and external construction
  • Metal dust boots
  • Comes with rubber mounts
  • Cavitation free valve
  • Nitrogen gas-charged

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Belltech
  • Model – 8000
  • Product dimensions – not specified
  • Weight – 3.6 pounds

If you ever decided to lower your Ford Ranger, you should consider whether your shock absorbers will be suitable or not. While driving low – the car becomes more vulnerable to road bumps. So, you must have a durable shock absorber with perfect fitment as Belltech.

“With the high- pressured nitrogen gas, Belltech shock absorbers provide top control and comfort when driving a low car.”

Furthermore, Belltech offers a product that lasts longer than its counterparts. This is because it has a very durable metal construction. In addition, it has a protective cover and dust boots which prevent any pollutants from reaching the outer environment. So, Belltech is a suitable product for those looking for a cleaner and more comfortable operation.

Speaking of the comfort of use, the shock absorbers are oversized either for the internal or external parts. The exaggeration in size offers more control over the vehicle. Also, it reduces the vibration of the car on difficult terrain.

As for the valves, they are cavitation-free. Thus, no air will pass maintaining the effectiveness of the absorbers. Belltech shock absorbers can serve well in different situations. Yet, they are better for normal road rides not heavy hauling conditions.


  • Durable material
  • Resembling OEM parts
  • Protects the environment


  • Doesn’t fit some models

06. Monroe 32238



  • Self-lubricating fluid seals
  • All-weather fluid
  • Nitro carburized rod
  • Wider piston rod
  • Velocity Proportional Valving technology (VPV)

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Monroe
  • Model – 32238
  • Product dimensions – 19.3 x 3.9 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight – 2.6 pounds

For the best towing solution, pick these shock absorbers from Monroe.

“First, they have this special fluid that works for different climates. The idea behind this fluid is to reduce friction thus, providing smoother car performance.”

In addition, the seal of the fluid is self-lubricating. So, it guarantees no friction resulting from gas retention.

Apart from the fluid, the shocks themselves are nitrogen gas-charged. Similar to other high-quality shock absorbers, the gas under high pressure improves handling and reduces aeration.

Another feature of these shock absorbers which makes them stand out among the others is the size. The wider piston stands for the enhanced cooling capabilities of the shocks. This means better overall performance and significant smoothing out for the ride.

Further, car control over damps is more effective. Adding to the carburized exterior of the piston rod, these shock absorbers will last for a long time.

Monroe shock absorbers have many positive features. Yet, the most prominent feature about them is the Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology. As the name suggests, this technology is very effective on high velocities. It will provide maximum vehicle balance and better control.


  • Suitable for different weather conditions
  • High vehicle control upon acceleration
  • Affordable price


  • Compatible with particular models only


07. Skyjacker B8560



  • Chrome-plated exterior
  • Foam-cell technology
  • High fluid capacity
  • Double-tube design
  • 180-degree directional mounting

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Skyjacker
  • Model – B8560
  • Product dimensions – 24.4 x 3.2 x 3inches
  • Weight – 6 pounds

Featuring foam-cell technology, Skyjacker shock absorbers will work efficiently in different weather conditions. Oil expands by heat and when the shock absorbers are overheated, they don’t work effectively. So, these foam cells compensate for oil expansion and regulate the temperature.

“To further maximize heat dissipation, the fluid inside has a higher capacity. This also enables the shock absorbers to perform effectively in different weathers.”

Skyjacker shock absorbers are a twin-tube design which is the best design for preventing oil-air blends. Also, they have a chrome coat to protect the shocks and ensures their longevity.

Other features of these shock absorbers are reducing noise and enhancing smoothing. As for the mounting, they come with a 180-degree directional mounting which stabilizes the ride more and more. Whereas the end mounts are welded with a slightly arched position.

Finally, Skyjacker will improve the vehicle height. This doesn’t necessarily mean an increase or decrease in height. Yet, it is about maintaining the original height of the vehicle whenever it is moving. Therefore, Skyjacker is a complete performance upgrader for Ford Rangers. They will noticeably provide more comfort and a better riding experience.


  • High levels of heat dissipation
  • Maintains ride height
  • Long-lasting product


  • Comes as one shock absorber only


08. Million Parts Shock Absorber



  • 2 pieces set
  • Teflon-bonded piston sealing
  • Welded spring seat
  • Valve technology

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Million Parts
  • Model – fits various models
  • Product dimensions – 18.11 x 6.69 x 3.35 inches
  • Weight – 98 pounds

If you need a kind of product that will work in minutes, Million parts offer 2 pieces shocks that install in minutes. With these shock absorbers, Ford Ranger drivers will get the required effect instantly. All they need is basic hand tools to put these into the car’s suspension system. Then, off to the most difficult roads and terrains.

“Million parts shock absorbers are not only convenient in installing, but also in use. They provide very smooth car handling and towing.”

For safety concerns, they feature valve technology where the valves adjust according to the car speed. This technology allows for maintaining the same stability whatever speed you are driving at.

Also, the piston seals are Teflon-bonded. These seals ensure the valve remains intact and the temperature remains cool as possible. Moreover, they can reduce friction keeping them functional for years.

Perhaps, the best thing about these shock absorbers is that they are sold in a complete set. These include the struts, mounts, coils and springs. All of the set components are easy to install and adds to the functionality of the product. So, we can say that Million parts shock absorbers are user-friendly. They are one of the best options for replacing the shock absorbers of Ford Ranger.


  • Come with a complete set
  • Easy installation process


  • Might not fit some models


09. Cciyu Shock Absorber



  • Set of shocks and struts
  • Wide diameter
  • 2 – 3 ride elevation
  • Tight connecting sleeve
  • Has a black finish

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Cciyu
  • Model – 809046-5210-1906155431
  • Product dimensions – 54.43 x 7.09 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight – 26 pounds

Cciyu shock absorbers are suitable for Ford Rangers from 1998 to 2011 models. Covering this wide range of models, these shock absorbers offer a great performance not less than the original ones. It sometimes exceeds the original shocks.

“What lies behind this performance is the oil inside. This oil has suitable viscosity that is not greatly affected by temperature.”

Also, the oil prevents corrosion and oxidation of the metallic layers of the shocks’ body. Cciyu shock absorbers are kinds of shocks to rely on for different road conditions. Even more, they provide ultimate comfort in harsh weather conditions as excessive heat or snow.

Moving to the body, it comes with more than half an inch diameter. In addition, it offers a high ride over 3 inches elevation. Both the diameter and high elevation account for more ride stability on roads. Moreover, the connecting sleeve is tight over the strut to ensure a longer lifetime.

Cciyu shock absorber set includes both the shocks and struts. Thus, nothing else is needed for the Ford Ranger with these replacement parts. Each of the parts has a protective coat for rust and corrosion resistance. Also, this coat prevents them from wearing out quickly due to environmental conditions.


  • Reduces leak
  • Perfect stability
  • Tight connection to cylinders


  • Expensive
  • Has a large size


10. Detroit Axle



  • Rear and front shocks
  • Adjustable sealed piston
  • High-quality standards

Product Specifications

  • Brand – Detroit Axle
  • Model – 4A1300622
  • Product dimensions – 18.15 x 8.66 x 7.48 inches
  • Weight – 2 pounds

Last but not least, the last option is for the shock absorbers. Detroit Axle shock absorbers set come in 4 pieces for front and rear.

“These shocks are suitable for different vehicle types including cars, SUVs, and others. In all cases, Detroit shocks guarantee meeting the OEM standards for high quality and safety.”

For installation, these shocks are very easy to use. You need no special tools to install the shocks or the struts. Even more, the set includes all necessary hardware as springs, mounts, and springs. All the parts have the same high-quality standards of shocks. Also, they are guaranteed against wear and corrosion.

Moving to the sealing, the piston sealing is adjustable to ensure the piston is intact to the tube. Thus, no oil or air leaks for more consistent performance in different conditions. The addition of the sealed piston rod allows for a better riding experience.


  • Fits various models
  • No leak thanks to the sealing
  • Comes with all necessary hardware


  • Shorter than the original one

Buying Guide

To get the best replacement shocks, there are specific factors to look for. While it is difficult to find one product with all the features, it is always better to prioritize your needs. Below are some of the most important points to consider when buying.

Perfect fitment

Needless to say, it is extremely important to get a product that fits into the car’s suspension system. Many times, some merchants claim their product fits into a specific car model. Yet, when you try to install it, it appears to be too loose or too tight.

Thus, before attempting to get any shock replacement, one should check the OE number. Also, the reviews of other people who have the same car will help a lot.

Bear in mind that the car’s model, year of manufacturing, and country are all factors that make difference in the car interior. So, always ensure you have checked those with the merchant.


The next step is to consider the design of the shock absorbers themselves. Shocks can come in different styles and each works differently although they tend to serve the same purpose.

For example, there is the mono-tube design which is the standard model. Alternatively, there is the twin-tube design which is more common for Ford Ranger replacement shocks. The twin-tube design work for separating gas and oil, thus, limiting shocks on the car.

Likewise, most shocks are nitrogen gas-charged. This is also more effective when handling road bumps and such imperfections. So, every single detail of the shocks is there for a purpose.

Also, some of the shock absorbers come with a hydraulic fluid that is capable of cooling the suspension system. This is very beneficial for those living in a hot climate.

Finally, the terrain or driving conditions you will be handling are also playing factors when purchasing replacement shocks. Ford Ranger drivers who will drive on difficult road conditions may need shocks with coil and spring technology. This reduces the pressure and improves the handling of the vehicle. However, the more advanced technologies the shocks have, the more priced they are.

Included parts

Sometimes, people need to replace only the front shocks. Other times, they need to replace all the shock absorbers. According to the status of your Ford Ranger, you will have to decide which parts you need.

The important thing to mention here is that the front and rear shocks are not similar for any car. The rear ones usually have struts. So, if you need struts’ replacement, consider buying a set of the four shocks.

Some products come with struts, springs, and mounts. They might be more expensive, but if the Ford Ranger needs replacing them, it is worth investing in such a set.

In all cases, always seek help if you struggle to find out what exactly needs replacement. Replacing the wrong parts won’t lead to any upgrading in the performance. Instead, the vehicle will continue moving with the wearing parts which may lead to defects in the whole suspension system.


Sealing is very critical in shock absorbers. It can indicate if there are any signs of wearing to the shocks and if they need replacement.

The importance of sealing is that they hold the liquid inside and prevent any leaking. A very small leak of this fluid will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the suspension system.

Thus, to prevent these issues, make sure of the sealing. It should be very tight and at the same time, the material should be suitable for very hot conditions.

One last point to mention here is that seals are sold separately. However, when these parts wear out, this might indicate a problem with the whole thing. So, it is preferable to check the whole shocks and struts if there is a problem with the sealing.


Finally, the material of the shocks is not less important than other factors. Shock absorbers are meant to protect the vehicle against shocks and provide better control. Thus, they should have very durable material. Also, they are supposed to last for a long time of use.

To ensure this, good quality shock absorbers have a chrome or black powder finish. This coat is a protective layer against corrosion and rust. To go the extra mile, some shocks have dust boots offering more protection.

At a minimum level, the metallic part of the shocks should be a durable metal suitable for withstanding heat. In some cases, the shocks come in a heavy-duty material with a bigger size which has its disadvantages too. Yet, it offers a long lifetime and durability.


Some common questions come to mind when thinking of Ford Ranger replacement shocks. Below are the most common queries and their answers. These will help to choose the best products and to maintain them.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

Both are part of the whole suspension system of the car. However, shocks mainly contain gas or liquid under high pressure to absorb shocks. Whereas struts are compact parts that support the vehicle on difficult roads.

In some cases, the struts include shocks and other parts as mounts and coil springs. So, it depends on the specific model of the car and the product brand. Generally, both serve the same function and help in providing control over the car.

When to check the shock absorbers for replacement?

Different shock absorbers can last for different times. Ultimately, they can run from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. At any point, they may wear out and need replacement. To know if they are about to deteriorate, check the following signs:

Squeaky Noise

When the car produces this kind of noise, this can be a sign of different problems. One of them is shock deterioration. In this case, the shocks are not able to handle the pressure and absorb the shocks as they usually do.

Braking problems

Since the main purpose of shock absorbers is to provide better handling, problems with handling can indicate their wearing. By handling problems we mean the inability to stop the car once the driver brakes. This may be a serious problem, especially on highways.

Steering wheel vibrates

One of the signs is very noticeable and means the shocks need a replacement immediately. Whenever you feel the steering wheel is vibrating between your hands, you should inspect the reason. High vibration levels that are not only felt but seen on the steering wheel can indicate a dangerous problem with the suspension system.

Bouncing on bumps

The role of shock absorbers appears clearly on bumps and other uneven terrains. If the car bounces on bumps or shakes on uneven surfaces, this means a problem with the absorbers.

How long should the shock absorbers last?

Generally speaking, it depends on different factors like the car, the shock quality, and the driving conditions. However, for rough estimation, shocks shouldn’t stay less than 50,000 miles of normal driving conditions. Likewise, they can last for 5 years in the same normal road conditions.

Why do shock absorbers wear out?

Just like any other part of the Ford Ranger, shock absorbers have a lifetime. With the continuous use of these shocks, they wear out and need replacement.

On normal road conditions, the shock absorbers will last longer. However, even inside the city where there are no road imperfections, they might wear out faster than the average. This is because the drivers brake more than often for pedestrians to cross and to avoid bumps.

On the other side, on highways, drivers don’t brake that much and highways are more even. In addition, weather conditions as extreme heat or cold affect the shocks’ lifetime.

While these factors cannot be avoided, other preventable factors may cause the shocks to wear, for example, the heavyweights on the vehicle. Also, the way of driving and braking suddenly affects the shocks.

What will happen if I drive with worn-out shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers are very essential for the stability and control of the Ford Ranger. They support the vehicle when moving on uneven terrain. Moreover, they absorb shock resulting from moving on bumps or other imperfections.

When the shocks are worn, this may result in many problems. These range from loss in the ride quality to other safety concerns. For example, when braking suddenly, the brakes won’t work as efficiently as they were. The time the car will take to completely stop will be longer than usual. This is very dangerous, especially on highways.

Also, when maneuvering with the car, the driver won’t have full control over the car. The car may roll or lean towards one side more than the other which may lead to serious accidents.

Other negative effects include wearing out of the tires faster than normal. More pressure is put on the tires as there is a problem with the suspension system. So, they won’t last for long. Lastly, shocks that are not working properly may cause damage to other parts of the suspension system.

That’s why it is extremely important to always check and inspect the shocks before they wear out.

How to inspect the shock absorbers?

First of all, you shouldn’t wait until all the signs of wearing shocks appear to inspect them. Secondly, it is preferable to undergo regular shock inspections every now and then. This will allow for replacing them once they start wearing to prevent any damage to other parts of the suspension system.

The suspension system of most cars is the same. So, inspecting the shock absorbers is very easy. Whenever you are in car service for changing the oil, you can inspect the shocks. To do the right inspection, follow these simple steps:

  • Keep a record of the Ford Ranger’s repair and replacement history.
  • Perform the basic evaluations as braking and checking the sound of the brakes.
  • Undergo a driving test to check handling, steering, and braking on speed. If you notice any shakes or vibration or any unusual movements of the car, this is a bad indication.
  • Finally, check the shocks physically to see if they have any symptoms of wear.

How to install shock absorbers?

First, never change one shock absorber only at a time. Always go for replacing the two front or two rear shocks together.

To replace the shock absorbers, follow these simple steps:

  • Jack up the car and secure it in this position.
  • Remove the two front wheels first to replace the first two shocks.
  • Unscrew the ball joint from the control arm. Then, remove the tire to be able to remove the old shocks. Unscrew them and put them aside.
  • Install the new shocks, in the same way, using the screw and bolts. This process is very easy and should take minutes.
  • Do the same thing for the two rear wheels.

If you find it difficult, don’t attempt to install them yourself. Instead, go to a mechanic who knows about Ford Rangers to avoid any further negative impacts.


As it appears now, shock absorbers are fundamental parts of the suspension system and the whole car. Ford Ranger drivers should clearly understand their function and maintenance steps. In case there is a need for replacement, this review provides all the information about the replacement shocks for Ford Ranger.

All of the above products are of good quality that you can rely on. Just pay attention to the buying consideration and factors to look for in each product. In the end, shock absorbers are part of the safety measures of the Ford Ranger.

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