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What Does a Cold Air Intake Do?- Easily Know All Benefits of It!

Before starting today’s article on what does a cold air intake do, we need to know its functions. Nowadays, people make various upgrades to improve their vehicle’s performance.

Upgrades like tires, suspensions, exhaust systems, and superchargers are popular among most people, and these upgrades will make your ride a beast on the road.

But, these upgrades are expensive and will take a lot of time to install. If you are willing to go with a cold air intake upgrade, it will be good for your pocket and vehicle.

Today, we will answer your questions. Before that, we will clear one of the confusing matters that most people encounter.

What is the Difference Between Common Air Intake and Cold Air Intake?

First, you need to understand the parts of an air intake system. So, here are the main parts of the common air intake system.

Parts of an Air Intake System

There are three main parts to a common air intake system. Let us try to understand these three components. This will help greatly answer why should you install a cold air intake.

Air Filter

“The air filter is the primary component of the air intake system. It includes an airbox made with a filtration screen; this airbox locates at the intake manifold or throttle valve assembly.”

You can find the air filter easily. First, open the hood. Then find the boxy compartment near valve assembly. It is very similar to the commercial filters; we use for vacuum cleaners.

Air filters help the intake system filter dust, dirt, and other particles. In other words, these air filters protect your engine from contaminants.

Mass Flow Sensors

The air intake system uses a mass flow sensor to detect the air quantity that enters the engine. To create the correct amount of energy, the internal combustion system should be balanced. Hence, mass flow sensors measure this energy level accurately. In modern engines, there are two types of mass flow sensors.

  • Vane meters
  • Hotwires

Throttle Body

This is the last part of the air intake system. As you already know, air filters protect the engine from any contaminants; the mass airflow sensors detect the air quantity. So, what does a throttle body do?

If you follow the above two sections properly, we do not need to point out the answer to this question, and you might already know the answer. Anyway, a throttle body controls the airflow to the engine. And it includes a rotating throttle plate.

When you press the accelerator, the throttle plate opens up and allows the air to go into the vehicle’s engine. When the accelerator is released, the throttle plate closes and blocks the air from reaching the combustion chamber.”

Now you have a good idea about what does an air intake system do? But, what is the difference between common air intake and cold air intake?

You will find the answer to this question in the next section.

How Does a Cold Air Intake Works?

Even though both systems have the same components, a cold air intake system is a much more advanced version of the air intake system. Why is that?

A cool air intake system can bring cooler air to the combustion chamber and engine. Because of the cooler air, the cold air intake system improves the engine’s efficiency and power; This is one of the significant benefits of a cold air intake system.

“Usually, colder air has a high level of oxygen density. For instance, if you send an amount of 10 CFM cold air to your engine, it will be more effective than the 10 CFM hot air.”

Because cold air has more oxygen, therefore, this extra amount of oxygen will increase the combustion reaction to a great extent. So, increased combustion reaction means more power to your engine and greater mileage.

How Does the Cold Air Intake System Keep the Air Cooler?

Instead of a regular airbox, a cold air intake system uses a metallic or plastic tube. This tube goes all the way to the conical air filter. The air filter protects with a heat shield. So, the surrounding air won’t get affected by the engine’s heat. It will stay cooler.

If you are looking for answers to why you should install a cold air intake instead of a common air intake, this is the answer to that question.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do?

Although you already know the answer to this question, here is the summary. So if someone asks what a cold air intake system do, your answer should be:

A cold air intake system prevents any dust and dirt from getting into the engine, and it acts as a filter for these contaminates. Also, it is capable of bringing cooler air to the combustion chamber and engine. So, you will get more efficiency and power from your engine. And make sure to mention the difference between a common air intake and a cold air intake.

Why Should You Install a Cold Air Intake?

If you are hoping to find answers to why you should install a cold air intake question, you might know some of the answers to this question. There are lots of answers to this question, and we will talk about this in the next section.

Benefits of a Cold Air Intake System

“As mentioned earlier, installing a cold air intake is a straightforward task. Also, these cold air intake systems are inexpensive compared to other upgrades.”

So, here are the benefits of a cold air intake system. You should reach Best cold air intake filter

Increased Horsepower

This is one of the best benefits that you can get from a cold air intake system. As discussed earlier, with a higher combustion reaction, the engine will produce more horsepower. Also, a cold air intake has more horsepower than the common air intake.

Increased Acceleration

After installing a cold air intake, you can notice that your vehicle is more responsive to acceleration. Because cold air density is higher than warm air density, more oxygen will go to the combustion chamber. So, the efficiency and acceleration will increase remarkably.

You will be able to reach the desired speed quickly; this will help you when you are entering busy highways.

Increased Mileage

An excellent cold air intake system will improve your vehicle’s air-fuel ratio; because more air to the engine means lesser fuel burn. Eventually, you will get better mileage from your vehicle.

Improved Filters

For most vehicles, factory-made intake systems come with a disposable paper filter. Even though these paper filters can prevent debris well, you need to replace them regularly. But, the filter is much stronger when it comes to the cold air intake system. So, it will last longer, and you do not need to replace them.

“These filters have longer service intervals. And clean them every 25000 to 50000 miles.”

High-Quality Sound

Because of the increased combustion reaction, a cold air intake will give your car a louder and more powerful sound. If you do not like this sound, use an intake system that muffles this loud sound.

These are the benefits of a cold air intake system. So, if you still have not upgraded to a cold air intake system, do it immediately. That way, you can experience the difference between a common air intake system and a cold air intake system.

How to Keep Your Cold Air Intake System in Top-Notch Condition?

After installing a cold air intake system, you should take care of the system; otherwise, you will encounter some performance issues. Mentioned below are some of the resourceful tips for keeping your cold air intake in top-notch condition.

Regular Checkups

It is always a better idea to check the cold air intake after every 30000 miles. If the filter needs cleaning, make sure to clean it properly. After 3000 miles, there might be a lot of dirt and dust in the filter; this is a much-needed process to keep your cold air intake healthy.

Check for Damage

Gently remove the filter, and hold a light source close to the filter. There should not be any holes or gaps in the filter. If you detect such holes, make sure to replace the filter before it damages your engine.

A Proper Cleaning

Whenever you clean the filter, use a proper technique, such as oiling, drying, and applying compressed air. This kind of cleaning process will remove all the dirt and dust from the filters. Use a nylon bristle brush; sometimes, you might have to repeat the process at least two to three times.

Wrap Up

With this article, we have been able to provide a proper answer as to what does a cold air intake system do?

Now you are well aware of the difference between a common air intake system and a cold air intake system.

Also, if someone asks about how a cold air intake works, do not forget to give them a solid answer.

People make various types of upgrades like ceramic brake pads for security, Moreover suspensions, and exhaust systems to increase vehicle performance.

Installing a cold air intake system has lots of benefits. Hence, remember to do an upgrade soon as possible.

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