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How Many Miles Can A Jeep Wrangler Last? [2022]

A vehicle is an asset of every car owner. Moreover, it provides life security along with ease of travel. Therefore, we can consider a vehicle to be a huge time investment. While buying a vehicle, you expect to use it for at least five years or more.

Vehicles with a long life span will reduce the maintenance cost by a severe amount. Furthermore, a good brand vehicle offers impeccable resale value with time. Your jeep wrangler is one of the most reliable vehicles ever known to main-kind.

However, all vehicle needs time to time maintenance for better work and life span. Your jeep wrangler is one of the most durable cars hence better service will result in an even more lasting life.

People recognize the jeep wrangler for their savage rugged face. They provide a very high terrain response. This means you can drive your jeep wrangler over mud or any rough surface. Moreover, only the off-road enthusiasts purchase the jeep wrangler.

Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that the jeep wrangler exists since the second world war. They were made to withstand the rough conditions of war and provide huge balance and performance the soldier needs during those harsh conditions.

However, you might ask yourself how many miles can a jeep wrangler last. We have described them below.

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Will The Jeep Wrangler Last Long Enough?

Obviously, the jeep wrangler is a very long-lasting vehicle. You will be pleased to know that they last for multiple decades. Moreover, if you maintain your jeep wrangler day today, they will last around 450,000 miles approximately.

However, you cannot expect your vehicle to last long if you drive them ruthlessly. Moreover, a careful driver’s reward isn’t the same as a careless driver’s reward. Therefore, you should drive your vehicle gently to get a very good life span from it.

All jeep wranglers should last for at least 250,000 miles. However, the actual mileage depends on the level of your maintenance. We have talked about maintenance, but how do you maintain the jeep wrangler?

Surely, you might think the jeep wrangler is a high-maintenance vehicle. However, we are more pleased to let you know that it is not. Moreover, the maintenance cost of all jeep Wranglers is around $450. Furthermore, this is the annual maintenance cost.

You should know how to maintain the jeep wrangler if you want to make it last longer.

The Maintenance Guide

The jeep wrangler is an impeccable vehicle. Therefore, you should know how to maintain them well. There are basically five-step and we have written them below. These are some of the factors that depend on how many miles can a jeep wrangler last.

Changing The Oil

Jeep recommends changing the oil of the vehicle every 4000 miles. However, you do not need to keep a count on them. The jeep wrangler has an oil indicator on the dashboard. Whenever you need to change the oil, the oil change indicator will pop up and you will need to change the oil then.

Moreover, oil change also depends on the way you drive your vehicle. A soft driver may even drive as long as 7,500 miles. Furthermore, do not forget to change the filter while changing the oil. Do change the filter too for better work experience and to avoid inconsistency.

While changing the filter and oil, do check the tires too. Go to the car mechanic to rebalance and rotate the tire. The wheel alignment might become disrupted due to jerking. Hence, you need to make sure the wheels are in proper alignment.

Moreover, tires play a vital part in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. We recommend you change the filter every 20,000 miles. Furthermore, check the tire and rebalance them after every 7,000 miles.

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Repairing The Brakes

Inspect the brake regularly. Vehicle manufacturers often tune the brake to produce a squeaky sound whenever the brake needs replacement. Therefore, if you ever hear any squeaky sound, please inspect your vehicle brake.

Brake pads often require replacement after every 40,000 miles. Take your vehicle often to a car mechanic to check your brake conditions. Brakes are a vital part of your vehicle and provide you with safety. Faulty brake might result in severe accidents too.

Furthermore, do inspect the parking brake and brake linings too. Replace all the worn-out parts as soon as possible to avoid performance and safety issues.

A faulty brake might also increase the braking distance of your vehicle. This will fail your vehicle to brake at a required distance causing accidents. Therefore, deal with the braking system wisely.

The Vehicle Battery

We often overlook the vehicle battery while inspecting all other parts of it. Furthermore, this is the case whenever your car runs just impeccably. A battery should last around 4-5 years depending on your car usage. However, it might even last longer depending on how you maintain your jeep wrangler.

You should always keep the battery terminals clean. The battery consists of acid which might spill over time. Always keep the terminals clean for better electrical conduction. Always clean and tighten the battery terminals if they are loose. Better maintenance will provide you with better years of service.

The Vehicle Engine

The engine is the main soul of your jeep wrangler. Without it, your vehicle is just useless crap. You should always keep a look at your wranglers engine as this is the reason your vehicle runs. Moreover, inspect the driving belt, timing belt of the engine, and the hose within every 25,000 miles.

The timing belt, hose, the driving belt should be replaced every 55,000-80,000 miles. Make sure all the parts of your vehicle are absolutely functional and runs impeccably. Furthermore, change the engine oil depending on the engine recommendation.

Moreover, you should use friction-reducing additives to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear of the engine pistons and all other parts of it.


Jeep is a very famous company offering excellent quality vehicles. They are optimized for off-road capabilities along with superior road capability.  However, all-metal parts undergo an oxidation process over time. Jeep Wrangler consists of tons of metallic part which are prone to rust.

Always inspect the condition of your jeep wrangler. Especially, take a look at the bottom areas because those areas come in contact with water mostly. These vehicles are very optimized for off-road driving hence mud and other particles might get stuck on the downside. T

Therefore, clean the down parts after every off-road drive. This will keep your vehicle away from rusting and faster wear and tear. Moreover, replace your air filter and ac filter as soon as you reach 20,000 miles. There are universal joints of your vehicle. You need to inspect those universal joints too. Moreover, take a look at the CV and transfer case fluid.

Your jeep wrangler’s brake lining along with suspension, parking brake and tie rod ends are all prone to rusting too. Therefore, you should also inspect these parts and replace them when needed.

Keep in mind to replace the differential fluids whenever your vehicle crosses water that covers the wheel hubs. Furthermore, off-road puts high pressure on the wheels. So you need to realign the wheels after you are done with off-roading.

Moreover, clean the brake drums whenever snow or mud gets stuck in there. The presence of mud will hamper the braking distance. This will harm your braking performance which you don’t want for sure!

Ending Thoughts

Now you know how many miles can a jeep wrangler last. Jeep Wrangler is a very capable vehicle without any doubt. It provides you with a social image, a considerable lifestyle making it you are not the everyday car. You can customize your jeep wrangler in nearly an infinite manner.

Thus, you can change the exhausts, dyno tune for better speed, and bump in horsepower. Moreover, you can change all the less durable parts to high-performance parts for better longevity. A properly maintained jeep wrangler will give you the astonishing off-road performance which is trustworthy for even 20 years or more.

Moreover, the jeep wrangler has a very low depreciation rate. Thanks to its brand image, you can maintain the value of the vehicle as time passes. However, you should well maintain your jeep wrangler to get the best out of it. Furthermore, it will gift you with an impeccable performance along with time.

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