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Jeep Gladiator Towing Capacity: Adequate Information [2022]

The capacity of a jeep gladiator is around 6,000 pounds. However, the overall capacity depends on what model you use. Further, there are jeep gladiators with 4,500 towing capacity. On the other hand, there are capacities around 6,500 pounds too.

However, you may not know the towing capacity of your jeep gladiator. Therefore, you need to look for a sticker located around the door or find out through our guide.

We have some interesting information about your jeep gladiator. Further, you will also get to know jeep gladiator towing capacity and how to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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How Can The Jeep Gladiator Tow?

As a jeep gladiator user, you know that it does not have any tow mode. All towing vans have tow or haul mode which adapts the vehicle to tow.

However, the jeep gladiator engineers opted from having this mode. All thanks to the engineers, the jeep gladiator does not need one. Further, the engineering is so advanced that you can tow without a dedicated mode in it.

Furthermore, the vehicle is ultra-responsive and does not lug. This made the engineers make the vehicle by opting for the tow mode.

The automatic transmission system is intelligent and powerful. Moreover, the car senses while towing. Hence, the transmission automatically adapts to towing mode and maximizes the power of the vehicle.

You can learn more about how the jeep gladiator tows by seeing some YouTube videos.

Will Towing Harm My Jeep Gladiator?

There are tons of questions on the internet about towing with jeep gladiator. Further, people have confused if towing will damage the jeep gladiator.

However, there is no specific answer to this question. There are tons of factor that is related to this question. The overall answer to this question is No. Towing with your jeep gladiator will not damage the vehicle.

The above answer is applicable as long as you maintain the maximum towing weight. This means, you can pull another vehicle with your jeep wrangler but you need to maintain the weight recommended by the manufacturer.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your vehicle is not exceeding the towing weight given by the manufacturer.

You will suffer severe consequences if you fail to equip your jeep wrangler correctly. Moreover, exceeding the towing weight will minimize the transmission life and engine life of the vehicle.

However, you might ask yourself which jeep gladiator should you buy for towing. Let us get into that now.

Which Jeep Gladiator Model Should You Get To Tow?

Jeep gladiator is not the perfect vehicle to tow as this is a mid-sized truck. Further, the truck is stylish and is optimized for regular use and not high-duty usage. However, we also know how good the engine and transmission system of this vehicle is. therefore, we do not blame you for purchasing this truck due to its appealing look.

We would recommend you to go for the jeep gladiator towing capacity with maximum weight. The maximized tow package will ensure you are able to tow with your precious vehicle.

The maximum tow capacity can handle almost 7,650 pounds. Further, this is adequate and powerful enough to please you. Not to mention, the vehicle looks appealing at its first look too.

There are 8 things that you should know before you tow with your jeep gladiator.

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8 Important Things To Know Before Towing With Jeep Gladiator

There are several factors for which your towing capacity can change.

01. Find your location

The experience will differ where you are towing with your jeep gladiator.

You will have a different experience compared to the driver towing on a flat surface.

Further, you can compare the experience to a driver who is climbing up a mountain. Your jeep gladiator engine will undergo severe pressure while inclining.

Therefore, you need to decide where you want to tow your jeep gladiator. Further, your engine will experience fatigue after a long inclining journey.

02. Usage of hitch to distribute weight

You should use the weight distribution hitch with your jeep gladiator before you tow a trailer.

This is because you are hitching a trailer that is heavier than your vehicle. Therefore, the weight distribution trailer will help.

You know that the jeep gladiator has a very comfortable soft suspension. Further, the soft suspension will help you to go off-road without much turbulence in the cabin.

However, the trailer is a hassle and will cause excess trouble while towing.

There is a high risk that your jeep gladiator will bottom out when you are towing with a trailer.

Therefore, it is necessary to have that weight distribution hitch to prevent the hassle. However, you can tow without the weight distribution hitch but your engine will undergo severe pressure and work to get the same performance.

03. Give a look at the payload

You already know that midsized trucks cannot carry a heavy payload. They are optimized to carry a medium payload.

We know that we use the medium-sized truck to tow a large payload which is excess. Further, we increase the payload even more when carrying family and even towing.

However, you should know the payload capacity and maintain that optimum mark. You may not know the payload capacity. For that, you need to check the user manual guide. Here, the manufacturer includes the optimum and maximum payload capacity of your jeep gladiator.

04. Applying mods might change the towing capacity

We all love modifying our vehicles due to their enhancing looks. However, modifying will hamper the towing experience of your jeep gladiator.

Further, modifications add excessive weight to the vehicle. This further adds weight to the jeep gladiator.

However, modifications enhance the look and might improve your truck in several ways. But you should always stay away from mods if your intention is to tow with your jeep gladiator.

05. Increasing ground clearance will not bump up the towing capacity

We all know that mods hamper the towing capacity. Further, lift kits also fall in the modification category. Lift kits do not increase the towing capacity of the jeep gladiator. Moreover, they make the situation worse.

Therefore, we recommend you avoid lift kits if you want the best towing capacity from your jeep gladiator.

06. Getting the tow mirrors

There are many cases where your jeep gladiator weighs less than the RV. Moreover, the additional weight can become a hazard for your mid-sized truck.

The turning radius of your vehicle will decrease rapidly. Further, you might experience a hard time keeping traction of the trailer.

Therefore, we recommend you use towing mirrors to enhance the viewing experience.

07. Find out the right amount of gas needed

Towing with a heavy mass means your vehicle needs to put in excess power to keep up the pace. However, where does the engine gets pace from? No wonder, the combustion system plays all the part here. However, more energy means more combustion. Therefore, you need more gas per mileage to keep up the pace.

You can estimate to get around 30% less fuel economy than usual times. However, the actual result depends on the weight and size of the load you are towing.

Further, driving up hills, on rough surfaces, on mud roads can significantly harm the fuel economy. Therefore, this is also an important factor to consider.

08. Never try to overload your jeep gladiator

The jeep gladiator has a maximum load capacity. You should always know the maximum load capacity before towing with a load. Please never exceed the load capacity of your vehicle. However, this might look commonsense. There are some drivers who just want to push their vehicle to its maximum possible limit.

Towing at the maximum load capacity or exceeding it might damage the engine of your vehicle. Furthermore, it might also damage the transmission system of your jeep gladiator.

Moreover, you do not want your car to break down in a remote area where no mechanic is available.

Therefore, always check for the maximum towing capacity and try to maintain it.

Which jeep gladiator has the maximum towing capacity?

Jeep has optimized its best gladiator with a maximum towing capacity of 7,650 pounds. Furthermore, this is the maximum you can tow your vehicle with. Exceeding the number might make your warranty void.

However, we noticed that the owners do not like this vehicle for towing. Further, the maximum possible towing to keep the engine healthy is around 5,000 pounds.

There are some important facts listed below.

Towing capacity of Jeep Gladiator Mojave

The Jeep Gladiator Mojave has the least towing rate. Further, towing rate is around 4,500 pounds. However, we all know this is a mid-sized truck.

Therefore, you need to spend a bag of time just to set the trailer. However, make sure everything is working properly if you are willing to really push this vehicle.

Towing Capacity of jeep gladiator Rubicon

Jeep gladiator rubicon has the same towing capacity as jeep gladiator Mojave. Further, the approximate load you can carry with a jeep gladiator rubicon is around 4,500 pounds. Furthermore, rubicon is also a mid-sized truck.

Towing capacity of jeep gladiator Overland

Jeep gladiator overland is superior to both rubicon and Mojave. Moreover, jeep gladiator overland has a maximum towing capacity of around 6,000 pounds.

Towing capacity of jeep gladiator Ecodiesel

Jeep gladiator Ecodiesel has a towing capacity of around 6,000 pounds. However, jeep Ecodiesel needs extra care to set up before towing like the Rubicon.

All these trucks are mid-sized trucks therefore, you cannot push it too hard like full-sized trucks.

The towing capacity of jeep gladiator High Altitude Towing Capacity

The high altitude model is optimized for a high towing capacity of around 6,500 pounds. Further, this is one of the most reliable jeep models available in the market today. Moreover, the vehicle is also very stable.

The towing capacity of jeep gladiator Max Tow Package

The maximum towing capacity you can get from a jeep gladiator is 7,500 pounds. Further, this is the max tow package jeep offers at the moment.

However, you can check if your jeep gladiator has the max tow package. It is given on a sticker pasted at the door sticker.

Towing capacity of Jeep gladiator Sport

This particular sport model can carry around 7,650 pounds. However, you need to equip the vehicle appropriately in order to tow in maximum weight.

Further, always avoid adding a modification to your jeep gladiator. Moreover, adding modifications will decrease the towing capacity significantly.

Now you know jeep gladiator towing capacity. However, you might have some questions. We have given some frequently asked questions below.


Do you want to know more about jeep gladiator? Or do you have more questions regarding jeep gladiator? Then you have come to the right place as we will be answering some questions below.

Can you tow a camper with a jeep gladiator?

Sure! You can tow a camper with your jeep gladiator. However, you should have a look at how much load you are carrying.

Why is the towing capacity of the jeep gladiator so low?

Jeep gladiator is a mid-sized truck. Further, the manufacturer wants to be on the safer side to not stress your vehicle too much. Stressing the vehicle will result in poor reliability and engine problems.

Now let us dive into the conclusion.

The finishing line

Jeep gladiator is an excellent-looking vehicle. Furthermore, the engine is reliable and has impeccable depreciation. However, you should always remember this is a mid-sized vehicle. Therefore, you cannot stress it like a full-sized one.

Further, keep in mind not to exceed the maximum towing load of your jeep gladiator. Always keep in mind to maintain jeep gladiator towing capacity.

You will keep your jeep gladiator’s engine healthy, along with good transmission over years!

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