LilySarahGrace Professional Development guides educators to understand, design, and implement Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Learning (AIIBL) as a method to engage ALL students.

LSG Professional Development

Through our dynamic, hands-on, professional development, educators learn how to guide students in rigorous inquiry-based experiences while integrating the arts. Teachers walk away with an expanded tool kit of strategies which gives students a variety of access points to content through multiple modalities, and can be used to integrate learning across the curriculum.

Developed by experienced educators from around the country, LSG PD provides fellow educators the tools they need to give ALL students the opportunity to become deeply engaged in their learning, realize their talents, and share their strengths within the classroom setting.

of LSG PD participants reported having a positive and engaging professional learning experience.
of LSG PD participants reported gaining new, easily implementable ideas to use with their students.

We Do It

LSG PD offers differentiated professional learning experiences that build upon and enhance teachers’ practices through highly engaging, interactive, collaborative creation of integrated AIIBL units of study.  We offer half-, full-, and multi-day seminars, as well as ongoing site-based coaching.

Having an understanding of different teaching approaches from which we all can learn…is valuable for increasing the accessibility of learning experiences for all students.




  • A Taste of LSG – Introduction to the 5Cs
  • AIIBL Experiential for Educators
  • Arts Integration to Ignite Creativity and Engage ALL Students
  • The Artful Read-Aloud to Facilitate Content
  • Language Arts Standards through AIIBL
  • Designing an AIIBL Unit of Study
  • Supporting English Language Learners within AIIBL
  • Monitoring Student Understanding – Assessment in AIIBL

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“I went to two sessions led by the presenters from LilySarahGrace at the UNCC Teacher to Teacher conference this fall in Charlotte, NC and loved every minute of both presentations. These presentations have changed how I teach in my classroom, I find that I am using the strategies that I learned from the training on a regular basis and my students are more engaged.”

Margaret C. 2nd Grade Teacher – Kannapolis, NC

“Teaching AIIBL has helped me to think outside the box when preparing lessons, sparks creativity in my students, and keeps my students highly engaged. It gives all of my students the opportunity to shine since it reaches all students and all learning styles.”

Jessie L. Kindergarten Teacher – Charlotte, NC

“I never realized how powerful it [inquiry] is when the children do the talking, thinking, and questioning compared to just giving them the information.”

P. Goldhamer 1st grade Teacher – Los Angeles, CA

“Working with peers, feeding off of each others’ ideas, is exciting. If feels like ideas [for AIIBL projects] start out small and then burst into a geyser.”

E. Lim Kindergarten Teacher – Los Angeles, CA

“We need to work creatively, NOT HARDER to meet kids’ needs.”

Kate C. – Greer, SC


LSG is excited to announce that our Arts-Infused Inquiry Based Learning Workbook is available for purchase now.


The AIIBL Workbook serves as a guide to walk teachers through the steps of planning a standards based AIIBL unit of study, and can be used in conjunction with LilySarahGrace professional development or independently.