• The Stepping Stone Grant

    On behalf of Lily Sarah Grace, thank you for your dedication to your students! We applaud your efforts to advance your students forward into 21st Century learning.


    Before we begin, make sure your project meets the following LSG Stepping Stone Grant requirements.

    • Grades K-5
    • $450.00 Maximum Project Cost
    • Focus on Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration


    Create A Project

    We challenge you to form a project or series of projects that draws upon your passions, and the passions of your students, to teach your curriculum using Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning.

    Visit DonorsChoose.org and follow the steps to create a new project.


    Project Information

    Enter the title of your project, the Project ID Number provided by DonorsChoose.org, and your contact information below.

  • 3.

    Project Criteria

    Briefly describe how your project relates to the following principles of Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning. This will help us in considering your grant for funding.


    How does your project inspire students to generate new ideas? How does it incorporate various learning styles? How does it integrate art with other curricula as a way of learning and/or expressing?

  • Critical Thinking

    Are students making judgments, evaluating, questioning, justifying, synthesizing? Is there a real world application?

  • Collaboration

    Are my students working in flexible groups? How are teachers collaborating? How do students build upon each others’ ideas? Are students critiquing their peers? Does the learning experience extend beyond the classroom? How are they demonstrating teamwork?

  • Communication

    What methods are students using to tell others what they know? How are they communicating with others and sharing their learning? Have I provided students opportunities to share their learning through the arts?

  • Community

    How can I give students ownership of their learning experience? Is their learning experience engaging, while also involving the school community and allowing them to take action and feel safe while taking risks in their learning?

  • 4.


    Applications are graded on a point system that is explained in the grant rubric below. To ensure your application is approved, please strive to meet all rubric requirements listed. A member of the LSG Education Board may get in touch with you with feedback to ensure funding. Grant review occurs twice per month, on the 1st and 15th and applicants will be notified of funding within two weeks of deadlines.

    A sample of the Grant Rubric that your application will be graded on can be downloaded below.

    Download The LSG Grant Rubric

    If your request is not accepted by LSG, it will still remain posted on DonorsChoose.org where it can receive support from other donors.


    Submit Your Application

    Once you have completed this application, submit your project for consideration.

    *By submitting this form, You consent for DonorsChoose.org to share your contact information with LSG and agree that LSG may contact you regarding the status of your request.